"For the most up to date news"

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"MONOLisa is open!"

Folks! I am super excited to announce the opening of my new studio in LIC!

Take a look at the blog for more details and pictures: Go to blog

"all is OK"

Hey all!

Yeah Hurricane Sandy was a doozie! We're OK, neighborhood is OK. Power is on. Thanks for everyone's well wishes!

"Interview feature in"

New article in!
  I had the pleasure of mixing 4 songs from Krissy Krissy's new EP, "Above All" in August. She's a super talented pop artist who's on her way to the big time! I'm excited to share with you a really cool interview I did about one of the songs on the EP, called :Broken Glass". It just hit the net! Check it out!

Mix Analysis: “Broken Glass” by Krissy Krissy – Mixed by Denise Barbarita

BTW, is a GREAT resource for those of you in the music world. It's mostly NYC centric (As it should be, lol) and It's chock full of great articles for gear heads, for sure,.. Most compelling, though, are the interviews and videos with some of the top engineers and producers in NYC, news about new studios, interviews with composers and musicians, the list goes on and on. I read it every week.

I'm really proud to be featured this week.

To David Weiss and all of you at, THANKS!


Keep up to date with the latest news by checking out my blog

"The new blog"

Hi folks!

The new blog is complete.

I'm pretty excited about it really. It's a cool looking design, and I have a lot more flexibility now. I've EVEN got a place for youtube videos! (Whoa!)

not that I have any mind you,. they're also in the works, to the chagrin of my booking manager.

I'm only a single soul. I could really use a few interns. that's the truth.


I'll be posting all of the new news on the blog regularly! Subscribe and you'll be in the loop!



FRIDAY, JUNE 29, 2012

OK SO.. We've been hacked.

that's obvious, but WHY? a friend of mine found the culprit. Apparantly he's some anonymus wannabe located in indonesia. Just, you know, showing off.

That would be great if he were screwing up sites that promoted bad stuff or porn or something., Some random person's site? not cool. Anyhoo. MY web dsigner is MIA and the only hope I have of fixing this small problem easily, so I apologize in advance.


regardless, Ill figure out a way to get the blog back, in the meantime, I guess just check here for news.






TUESDAY, JUNE 26, 2012
"Folks, I've been hacked"

Ok, apparantly I've been hacked and my blog has been rendered useless. Sorry, we'll get it back up soon.


"News or Blog?"

Beautiful People!

I keep meaning to update the news section, but now with the BLOG section here on myshytune, it seems rather redundant, huh?

For now on, please check the blog for any musings or downloads of the month,..

The news will strickly be just that. New news.

Outside of getting back from LA, and enjoying the success of the "Live @ Culture Fix" events,.. eh? I'm chillin' like Bob Dylan.

It's the beginning of the end of the year slow down where I get to take the time to complete all the things I've been meaning to do, finish new material, get the next year's itinerary together, go to the gym like a madwoman to prepare for the holiday feasts...

So check out the blog, bookmark it, subscribe,. we'll be friends, buddies, confidants.

Until then, Here's wishing you and yours a super holiday season!



"I know I know"

Yes, It's true I have a bad habit of forgetting to update my news section, but that'sbecasue I actually have a blog now.

Take a look!

That being said, there are lots of really super things going on!

In Studio news, I just completed my 4th independent film this year! Post production sound mixer.

Who knew?

1 of them, "Hunting Season" even features one of the songs from "A Beautiful Mess" called "Do It Again".

Lovely yes?


I am also FINALLY going to the grand canyon! So excited! I've never really spent any time in the South west.

It just so happens that I got a call to do some mixing in LA, and Rich was asked to fill in on drums for some Pillow Theory West Coast dates sooo

We're going to LA too! How perfect is that? Work and play, all in one trip. You could even call it a paid vacation?


So, we've got 2 dates booked so far with 4 waiting to confirm.

I'll keep you posted. In the meantime! I hope you enjoy the last "download of the month" selection.






MONDAY, JUNE 6, 2011
"The Bitter End-5/24/11: Reviews"


2 Blog reviews of our most recent show at The Bitter End.

Big Thank you to Natalie! We love you!




Big huge thanks go out to Will Helms! We love you!


TUESDAY, MAY 31, 2011
"New and noteable!"

Beautiful People!

How the heck are you?

I am personally melting in my chair now that summer has arrived. I love this city, but I've got to be honest, NYC isn't my favorite place to be in the summer. Things start to smell funny, it's sticky,.

humid rank air, exhaust sticking to your skin like saran wrap,. it's not at all pleasant unless I'm in a museum or some other indoor spot in the air conditioning,. I don't like to sweat unless I'm at the gym. The gym is a proper place to sweat, not while typing away at a computer,..

The AC is now on, I'm getting a little more chipper..

BIG BIG thanks go out to all of you who came out to The Bitter End show last week! We had a Blast! We met some great new friends Annnd, I was reunited with an old co-worker from The Looking Glass Studios(RIP). I worked with Ryoshi, the man on sound, many moons ago,.. I was a fledgling GA/Assistant, He started as an intern and moved up pretty quickly. He's now also a freelance engineer and works at The Bitter End a few nights a week. I left The Looking Glass 1996 and moved on to Battery Studios (now also gone, not that I miss it) and then on to a long stint at Kampo Studio, which cllosed last year,.. I haven't seen Ryoshi since.. AT LEAST 1997! So awesome to reconnect and touch base with him! He did an awesome job (not that I'm surprised) we sounded INCREDIBLE. Perfect just perfect.

Also, we had a lovely blogger post her thoughts about the show. here's the link:


Natalie will receive a lifetime of comp tickets.


Tomorrow night, I'll be a guest speaker at the Songwriter's Guild of America's Pro Shop, hosted by Anne Ruckert. I'm not exactly sure what we'll be discussing, I think we'll be focusing on ways to compete in an ever changing landscape. I'll bring my best Seth Godin-ism's,.. He's always a great inspiration to me,..


I seem to remember I also attended a few of these meeting way way long ago when they were held in the Brill Building. It's kind of cool to come around full circle, I'll let you know how it went! Maybe there will be a blog post or something I can send you too?


In other news, I'm super excited to report that the new songwriter series presented by The Pyramid Recording Collective- "Live @ Culture Fix" event will be continuing beginning next month, june 29th. I'll keep you posted. We're working on a new site, we'll have it available soon.

Otherwise, it's business as usual, I've been super busy with studio work, which always makes me happy, we're working on some late Summer and Fall tour dates, and I've been getting some new songs finished up.

All Lovely!


I can't wait to see you all! Stay coooool!








"Happy Spring!"

Hello Beautiful People!

Finally! Spring is beginning to sprout!

Rain instead of snow, little crocuses and pansies blooming, along with those pesky yellow flowered bushes that make my sinuses blow up like ballons and break me out in a rash every year. Ahhh spring,..

My neighborhood is filled with the sounds of construction and weed wacking and mowing,. smells of sod and mulch and, my favorite, the fumes of new pavement being laid right in front of my building,.ahhhh spring



It could be worse.


On a good note: I am super excited about our upcoming gigs, our (hopeful) west coast tour, all the goings on with the pyramid recording collective and so much more!

I've been working on a few different album projects primarily at Spin Studios. One project is with one of my all time favrite producers, Mike Davis. We just finished up tracking the 2nd album for songwriter Matt LaCapra, his sessions are always a blast! I can't wait to hear how those tunes shape up! I'm also just finishing up an album with producer Jean-Pierre Perreaux for cabaret vocalist extraordinaire, Marcus Simeone. He's FANTASTIC!

Rich and I have found ourselves creating some commercial music for a few different pitches and I have been writing some new material in between sessions and studio upgrades.

It's been pretty busy!

Not a good excuse for not updating my site and my blog, but hey, better late than never!

More news to come!


SUNDAY, MARCH 20, 2011
"Happy Spring!"

Hello my friends!

A quick note to let you all know that I'm still alive!

March madness is beginning to taper off, but I wanted to give you an update on a few things.

A: We are currently booking our West Coast tour! YAY! We're planning to be out in LA LA land the last week of May in to the first week of June.

If you know of any venues where we would work well, please let me know! We are open to house party options as well!


B: "A Beautiful Mess" has just been picked up by Mighty Genreation Music for licensing to Film/TV. I am super excited!

C: MyShyTune Music (and The Pyramid Recording Collective) have hired TJ Olsen, of TJO Entertainment as our Social Media consultant. We are

really happy to have him on our team! Look out for some new youtube and other content on the web!

D: We've had a few great UK reviews relating to "A Beautiful Mess". Please visit my blog to access the links. (the blog can be accessed right here on MyShyTune)


There is other news, but I'm not allowed to speak on those items yet.

Soon,..very soon!


Big hugs to everyone!





"Reviews from across the pond"

Happy Febrauary once again, Beautiful People!

We have 3 new album reviews from UK publications this month!

I'm not going to lie, it take me about 10 minutes to actually open the email notifications because I'm always worried my work will be put on the chopping block, but actually we had 3 good and honest reviews. I think they liked it!

Here are the links:

My favorite link:Thanks to Jason Daniel Baker @ UberRock.

A more subdued opine:

And the 3rd: 3 out of 5 stars



Happy reading!



"Featured again in SonicScoop!"

Happy February everyone!

Big thanks to David Weiss for including The Pyramid Recording Collective in this week's edition.

Here's the link to the article:



"The Pyramid Recording Collective"

Beautiful people!

Many of you are aware that I have co-founded a new music production company. Some are not,.

So here's the perfect opportunity to (re)-introduce you to:
The Pyramid Recording Collective.

Here's the official site:

We can take care of all of your recording/mixing/composition/arranging needs.

Email me for more details!



"Happy New Year!"

Beautiful People!

Happy New Year!

I know it's been a while since my last update, and there are SOOO many things to fill you in on!

Ok last update was,.. October? Oh my..Indeed! there's a lot to tell you.



"Suckers" is now part of the Women's radio show "Axeplosion".

Suckers will be featured from 4PM – 8PM PST (7PM – 11PM EST) until our next major playlist update, which we foresee being on/around February 15th 2011.

Want to keep "Suckers" in rotation? Tell them you like it! It's that simple!

(click the link below)



"A Beautiful Mess" is now available HERE at (Digital download)

via Itunes,, and a host of other download sites.

Hard copies are available through, if you go to my "music store", all of the links are provided there.

The CD Release party at the Gibson Showroom was AMAZING! I had a few tuning issues with the 335, but otherwise, all went well.

Christina Lea and her band did an awesome job, and I'd like to thank my good friend, Star, for taking care of the merch table.

Big thanks to Mat Leland (& James) for taking care of the sound duties! I have more people to thank, I know,.I'll get on this.

So many friends came to the show, and we had a BLAST! Thanks everyone!


We have been picked up by TwoSideMoon Promotions, UK. They will be helping me to get my music to the masses in the UK. How exciting!

I haven't visited the UK yet, haven't played there,. I'm hoping that we'll have the opportunity to visit and do a few shows this year,. We'll see,.

I think "Suckers" is definately a song most people around the globe can relate to at the present moment. Hopefully, they think so too!

There are more exciting things to tell you, but some are still not official,.so I will have to stop here,.

Here's wishing you all happy and healthy 2011!

Big hugs,



"CD release Party: Date Change"

OLD DATE: November 5th

NEW DATE: November 19th

Please make note:

Due to an unexpected biking accident involving one of my band members,

the CD release Party has been postponed until November 19th.

(It's only 2 weeks,..)

7-10PM, Gibson Showroom

More details coming.



"ONLY 7 Days left!"

My friends!

Only 7 days left to pre-order the new CD, "A Beautiful Mess" from

Thanks to many of you, I have already reached my minimum fundraising goal! All funds go toward the manufacture and promotion (inclusing a west coast tour) of the CD.


If you were thinking of buying the CD then won't you please consider pre-ordering?




here's the link:





PRE-ORDERS NOW AVAILABLE! Help me get the CD out to the masses! INVEST in "A Beautiful Mess" 

"Pyramid Recording Collective featured on"

BIG BIG THANKS to David Weiss of Sonic for featuring us in this month's NYC Spotlight!

Read the article

"Sabrina the Teenage Witch!"
I just found out that a song I co-wrote and mixed was just placed in the "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" DVD (Season 6). Love it when that happens! Especially when I find out BECAUSE the check came in the mail.
"Good News & Bittersweet News"

I know I know! It's been months since my last update. But there's a lot of great stuff going on and I'm busier than ever, so bear with me!

The biggest news is that my new and improved main website, is finally live. Yes, there are some pages that aren't completed and we're still trying to figure out how to get some of the download functions working via paypal buuuut,.do go visit. It's so pretty and clean and lovely. Big thanks go out to Arseniy Bolotsko for designing an amazing site. He is amazing to work with! It couldn't have happened without him! If any of you in the myspace world are looking for a web designer, look no further! Proof is in the pudding people.

Sad News: I'm sad to announce that the studio where I have worked since 1998, Kampo Studios, is closing it's doors. It will be missed for sure,.. I will miss my fellow staff members most of all,.. However, all is not lost! I have been able to connect with a handful of quite amazing studios around the city, each offering great service, great gear and great accommodations, all with affordable rates. Instead of 1 or 2 options, I now have over 6 options! So, hit me up if you're looking for a place to book your next tracking, OD or mix date.

"A Beautiful Mess" has progressed a bit slower than I had hoped.. I've been so busy working on other projects I haven't had time for my own recently. However, all of the pieces are in place! 7 songs are mixed, with only 3 to go! Our release date at the moment is slated for June 2010.

In other news, I have been working with my good friend and band mate, Kelsey Warren on music for the upcoming Smooth Magazine DVD. that wil be released in a few months. I'll keep you posted on that! And there's so much more,.I guess you'll just have to check out the neeeewwwwww website for more details!

Until the next post, my friends,..
Live long and prosper!
"New site is up!!!"
Welcome to my new home page!!!! While there are some pages still under construction, please feel free to take a look around!
"Interesting review"

I just got hipped to a very interesting review from a fan (now BFF) regarding last Tuesday's show at Cameo Bar.

Please visit: And yeah, the group that ended the night, Prince Rama, was amazing. I felt as if I had been transported to another dimension. What I wouldn't do to mix THAT record!

"Happy New Year!"
Yes!!! I'm a month late!

but better late than never, my dears!

What's new you ask?


We have a new server, and our new and improved website will be live by mid February. It's awful purdy! Please be advised that we may have a day or 2 where will be adding content or making changes, so if the site is acting funny, or you have trouble gaining access to certain pages, never fear, that too shall pass!

A Beautiful Mess:
Everything has been recorded, and 9 out of 11 songs are mixed. So close, close,..

"oops, I did it again!"

Yes yes, beautiful people,.

I have gotten behind on my updates again, but really! With facebook, and myspace, and twitter,  and ning and blogspot and....

I keep forgetting,..


Here's what's been happening:

For the past 2 months, I've been working on 3 upcoming independent releases. @ were recorded at Kampo a while ago, and 1 record was recently recorded @ Pyramid Studios.

I've been mixing these projects at home for the most part. It's a nice short commute to work!


"A Beautiful Mess" is so close to being finished it hurts! I know I had hoped the CD would be available aready in 2009, however, I decided that compromising content just to be finished by a certain self-imposed deadline was silly.

It looks as though our official release date will be February 2010.


MYSHYTUNE.COM will be down for a couple days in December as we change servers. The entire site is getting overhauled and moved across cyberspace to a new and improved place in the cyber sky.

Wait till you see it! I'm still pinching myself!


and last but not least, I'd like to thank Whitesmith Entertainment for inviting us to play their official CMJ showcase event! We had a blast! Thanks to TJ Olsen for making my life easy and for all his hard work getting our band out there working!


oh, and by the way,.

If you absolutely HAVE to know what I'm doing on any given day, here are my links!


See you soon! And Happy Holidays!

"Pyramid Recording Collective: Open House"


NEW Studio Partnership!
Pyramid Recording Collective:
Meet & Greet/ Open House
I can't contain my excitement! I'm giggly with glee!   
The Pyramid Recording Collective is celebrating the formation of our new music production partnership centered around the beautiful Pyramid Recording Studio.
Recording, Mixing, and Mastering services for music projects, composition for Film/TV projects, post production,.Your one stop shop!
Annnnnnnd to celebrate our newfound home,...
We’re having a party!

Meet & greet/ Open house:
WHEN: Friday, October 9th, 4p-8pm
WHERE: Meet & greet will begin @ Foley’s Bar, 18 West 33rd st, NY NY 10001.
Just ask for the Pyramid Recording Collective party
The studio is located just around the corner @ 12 E 32nd street.
We’ll be conducting personal tours all night, and all weekend during the Audio Engineering Society convention.
The Official Blurb:
In an atmosphere where major recording studios are closing every day, and most records are made in small project studios or by a lone soul armed with a  laptop, The Pyramid Recording Collective strives to create an environment where community and artistic voice are just as important as professionalism, comfort, and affordability.
The Pyramid Recording Collective is comprised of Robert L Smith, Denise Barbarita, Mathew Leland, and James Cargill. This group of Producer/Engineers is not lacking in credo. Their combined experience sports an impressive credit list ranging from major label artists, TV/Film soundtracks, post production/Sound design, music composition, and the hottest up and coming independent artists.
Working out of a beautiful midtown facility, Pyramid Studios, owned by Todd Hemleb, the Pyramid Recording Collective offers an environment where affordability doesn’t mean you must sacrifice comfort or quality.
Whatever your project, big or small, come visit us at Pyramid Recording Studios. Where our clients have come to expect “old school” professionalism at an independent price point.
Things that make Pyramid special:
Beautifully maintained Vintage custom API console (from Bad Animals in Seattle)
8 Neve 1073 mic preamps/line amps with custom fader returns to API console
Pro Tools HD with Apogee A-D converters
Otari 24 track 2" and 1/2" analog tape machines
Slingerland and Yamaha drum kits with all hardware including a nice array of cymbals
1923 Baldwin Grand Piano
beautifully maintained Hammond B3 and Leslie cabinet (cabinet can be used for re amping and as a guitar amp)
nice selection of guitar amps
nice selection of vintage (WORKING!) vintage mics and tried and true mics
killer outboard gear with lots of hard to find pieces that are well maintained and super awesome
2 working Echoplex tape delays
a real AKG Spring Reverb
super cozy and comfortable working environment, very homey and charming
**If you’d like to take a tour of the facility, but can’t do it this weekend, no problem!
Just Reply back to this invitation and I'll set up a personal tour at a more convenient time.


FYI: just wanted to clarify,..

A couple of people asked me since my last newsletter if my new partnership meant I wouldn't be working with Kampo Studios any more, that is NOT the case. It just means there is another option for recording projects.

Kampo Studios is still very near and dear to my heart, and of course, to my friends and colleagues who love the space as much as I do, yeah, it's still available! No worries! I will still be working there, and it's still open for business.

However, Pyramid Studios is amazing, the guys I'm working with are top notch, and the times are a-changin' my friends. I needed to find a place that is not only a good pro facility (clean and the gear works), but competitively affordable (think indie affordable).

Found IT!


So, If you, or anyone you know is looking to do any kind of recording, whether it's a little bitty overdub or a whole album, send them to the above links.

It's a super studio! You won't be dissappointed!

I hope many of you in the NYC area can make it down to Foley's for a couple drinks and a tour. This is a super special night for all of us.Cool


"We're baaaaack!"


It's October! How did that happen? Every time I turn around I realize I haven't changed my wall calendar! It's been a whirlwind! Just last week Rich and I were in Germany!

I didn't want to leave!


Special thanks go out to my friends Claudia Nentwich, Regina Dengel, Anja Blume, Willie, our "helper", Lord Bishop, my friends at Schorsh'l (I spelled this wrong, I know) Peter & Sebastian @ Feuerbaer, Andreas @ the Londoner, and Mirko Glaser @ The Blue Note.


We had amazing shows! 3 of them were sold out, standing room only!

We sold lots of CDs and I signed lots of Postcards. It was a blast! I ate waaaay too many gummy bear. I'm an addict.

(they've got a new flavor now,.I bought 4 bags, THAT's how good they are,.Haribo Gummy bears "saft" made with fruit juice,..oh yes, heaven in a bear shape!)

Rich was introduced to the world of magenbitters and curry wurst. (yum)

And I was introduced to white russians that will knock you off the bar stool.

(double yum)

we were tourists by day and rocked out by night.

the laptop worked (sort of)


Rich was smart and went to bed on the early side,.I stayed up till 4 or 5 or 6am and smoozed and just talked a hole in the wall in a combination of English and broken German. So much so, I came home with no voice and a head cold.


it was all worth it!

I'll be updating my blog with pictures and more details, so look out for that!


"A Beautiful Mess" Updates:

In the next 2 weeks, you will be able to download complimentary unmastered mixes from myspace from the new CD, "A Beautiful Mess". 1 song at a time.

We're in the final stages of mixing and tweaking,.we may even add one more tune,.most likely we will,...



We're very excited to be playing the CMJ showcase for Whitesmith Entertainment!! It's the first CMJ event we've done since 2000?.

We could really use your support with this show! So please tell your friends! Come out and have a good time!



That's the scoop for now.


Thanks everyone, for being the most awesome and inspiring friends a frau could have!Kiss

Blessed be


"OMG! 5 more days!"

Beautiful people!

I can't believe it!

This European tour has snuck up on me quicker than I expected. I mean, it's SEPTEMBER!

How did that happen? Surprised

And my German is just as bad now as it was 2 months ago. I still speak German like a 5 year old child with a mouthful of gummi bears!


Wasn't July just ending a week ago? Well,..
Let's see, my last update said we were en route to Nashville with my friend, singer/songwriter, Alyson Greenfield,.. Making stops in Columbus, OH and Knoxville, TN,..Yeah, Ok, we did that. And it was fun! We met amazing house party music lovers from all over the world (even some displaced New Yorkers) and ate amazing yummy food. (lots of cheese, it was a cheese fest, and there was this baked brie with apricot jam in Knoxville,..I don't want to talk about it. Let's just say that self control went out the window that night. I do love cheese)
I also found out that cheese and dairy products are the equivalent of death from a lovely young woman in Columbus. (She's vegan) and while I agree with many of her beliefs that Americans do consume waaay too much of practically everything, (and truthfully there are some people who would be better off cutting dairy products out of their diet,..)you know? you have to live a little. For me, life without my daily cappuccino wouldn't be as happy. I've already sacrificed whole milk for skim! What else do you want? I don't believe dairy consumption is a government conspiracy. I believe the way Dairy farmers are treated is bad though,. but that's a whole other conversation,..

Besides, there are SOOO many other bad things I could be doing right now,.I could be a meth addict (like most people under 30 in Ohio) I could be a pot smoker, an alcoholic,..A Redskins fan? Why would I give up things in my life that bring me joy??
Annnnd I did the vegan thing for a hot minute in my late 20's. I was miserable and sick for about 6 months. It sucked. Foul mood swings, lots of gaseous nights and what not,..terrible,..I did learn a lot about my body, new things I liked, new things that didn't work for me (seitan) and I did learn to love certain foods that I still consume today (kale, mmmmm) . But I love cheese. and yummy greek yogurt, and cappuccinos. and cheese,..(Did I say that already?) Besides if I went vegan again I couldn't eat my Mom's lasagna. (the best on Earth) or chocolate mousse cake from Black Hound (exquisite) That would be detrimental to my health too.
Depression hurts guys,..
But I digress,..

We made it to Nashville for the Indiegrrl Music conference. 3 days of schmoozing, performing, and getting no sleep because we were having so much fun!
IT was a blast and a 1/2. I also got a short visit with some NY ex pats, my best friend/soul sister, Karen Hogg, and my good friend, Kevin So who just moved there. We had originally planned to stay in Nashvile for an extra day but wound up being able to enjoy a wonderful lay over in western Maryland with my longtime friend Mark and his wife Jen. Imagine,..cabin on the lake, sunlight, water, ice cream (there's that dairy again) BBQ, laughter and love.

There have been times where Rich and I have considered moving to Nashville, or LA.
I can now say emphatically,..Nope
not now anyhow, me and Nashville don't really vibrate on the same wavelengths. We never have. I dont' think it would be a good fit. Nashville is a little bit country, and I'm? well? A little bit Rock and Roll?
but I'm happy to say we did find a great Thai restaurant, there's hope!

And it seems every time we consider leaving NYC for whatever reason (sunlight, nature, solitude, a McMansion on 5 acres of land for the same price as a 500 sq ft apartment in Soho) something extraordinary happens.
It's almost like the universe says,.."Oh hey, guys, I was joking, really! Just pushing your buttons, seeing what I could get away with,.I know I know, NY's a hard place sometimes, but here.. (BIG GIFT lands in our lap) here you go,.sorry for that bit of bad weather,..please enjoy your stay!
{thanks universe!}
So we're staying

for now

(more on THAT development later)

And now, I look forward to 11 days in Germany. I can't wait!

So if you have friends or family in Germany who you think would enjoy a night out for some musical entertainment, let them know we're coming!
check out the dates and the clubs.
Check out the tour dates:
for all the info you need!

Thanks for reading! More news to come!


"oops I did it again!"

Yeah, I'm not even going to tell you what I did,.


But I will update you all with a quick blurb.


A Beautiful Mess:

Mix #5 has been completed.

5 more to go.

We're a slightly behind my personal deadline, but sooo close. I can taste it!



Unmastered mp3s will be available soon on myspace

And we'll be putting on a fundraiser show to help us put together the additional funding we need to put the record out in style. Msre details to come!




Rich and I will be traveling with NYC songwriter, Alyson Greenfield. We're doing a few house concerts together on the way to Nashville for the Indiegrrl conference.


Please email me for details: Denise AT


this summer has been full of unexpected opportunities as well as some calculated risks.

I've got lots of buns in the oven and it looks as though they will all rise at once.

Im in trouble!

but it's the kind of trouble I'm looking forward to!




Yes, I know it's canceled. But we're going to Germany anyway!

Rich and I are REALLY looking forward to this trip and I can't wait to see my friends in Germany!



I've also got some BIG studio news coming up!

I don't want to jinx it, so you'll have to wait



There it is!

The abbreviated update.


Happy summer everyone!




TUESDAY, JUNE 16, 2009
"This just in-Hot off the presses!"

Beautiful people!


As many of you know, I have been involved with a singer/songwriter series called JPUnplugged, in Jamaica Plain, MA. I can't even believe that our 4th season is coming upon us in September!

I'd like to share an article that was recently featured in the Boston Herald about our wonderful series at the Loring-Grenough House.


BIG BIG thank you to Ryan Foley, for writing the article and helping to spread the word!


Read on!




"calendar updates!"

 Beautiful people!


I just added a few dates for our upcoming trip to Nashville and ammended a few dates for our German Excursion.

Take a look!

We'll be adding more soon!

If you'd like us to visit your town LET ME KNOW!

House concert? Favorite venue? Tell us where we should go!


booking AT




""Beauty Lied" getting a facelift"

As many of you know, hard copies of my debut CD, "Beauty Lied"  have been sold out for some time. has the last 3 or 4 copies left in the world from that 1st run.

I'm happy to announce that the CD is now being re-mastered and we'll have hard copies and downloads for sale by September 2009.

You know,.Those last 3 copies could become collector's items one day!

Want one for posterity???

There's still a very good chance I could become amazingly famous! It could be worth something in a few years?

You could potentially make thousands of dollars from this one investment opportunity!

Direct link:


click the above "store" menu option,

scroll down until you see the "Beauty Lied" cover

click on the CDbaby button

Easy right?



"WFUV, "The Alternate Side""

I've just received confirmation that I'm getting airplay on WFUV's new HD Radio program, "The Alternate Side"!

You can now subscribe to my profile and listen to the featured tunes!


(the 1st new mix from "A Beautiful Mess"; title: "Poisonwood Tree", mixed by Robert Smith of Defy Recordings, is one of the featured songs)

If you're REALLY feeling pro-active you can call the station and request them to play a song on the air!

PHONE # ---> 718 817-4550

MONDAY, JUNE 1, 2009
""A Beautiful Mess" Progress report!"

What we've done so far,..

I've got 3 mixes completed:

"Poisonwood tree"

"(Will You) Remember Me" (collaboration with world music artist, Francis MBappe)

"Wot U Said" (brand new live studio recording of the old favorite, "It's What You Said")


2 Songs are almost ready for mixing


And the rest?

Needing some bits and pieces, but we're on schedule!


I've had the pleasure of collaborating with some of the most awesome musicians on this CD; Danny Chavis, Michael Hewett, and Francis MBappe, just to name a few,..

And of course, my awesome bandmates, Kelsey Warren, Rich Kulsar, Jason Wallenstein, and David Weintraub have provided me with killer tracks! Geez, they're awesome,.. I'm a very lucky woman to be in such good company!


I'll be offering free previews of the pre-mastered songs, one at a time, for your eager beaver ears very soon! So look out for that memo!



I will be offering a free download of one of the new tunes on Tuesday @ Shrine!

Just bring a flash drive or an iPod or some other type of USB device.

All of my previous CDs will be available for download at shows, as well.



MONDAY, MAY 11, 2009
"Tweet me!"

Hey Twitsters!

(i made that up, feel free to use it!)


Want to keep up to date on my attempts of acheiving world domination?

NOW You can!


follow me/follow you!




"sharing a link"

Hello beautiful people!


I just spent the last 40 minutes watching this interview with Trent Reznor.

Some of you may know that NIN is my form of heroin, I can't live without it! But more importantly, for any of you who are artists, I think it's quite an interesting interview in terms of marketing/branding in the 21st century. enjoy!


"Website updated!"
Hi beautiful people! A quick note to tell you the website has been updated! Please feel free to look around! :) Thanks Denise (aka Feathers Barbarita)
"Is it April already?"

My oh my!

Where did February go? oh right, I joined Facebook, this century's procrastination tool!



Here's what's happening:


"A Beautiful Mess"

The first mix, "Poisonwood Tree" is complete. The song was mixed by Bob Smith @ Defy Recording, and I'm happy to have been able to hand it to such able ears! Besides I was dreading that mix,..sooooo many tracks! And it's also an experiment of sorts,.I think it worked! it's all swirly and girly, but it's also seductive, dark and dastardly,..

actually i think that's a good description of "A Beautiful Mess"

Like I said in previous posts, this whole album is a bi of an experiment


David Weintraub added his distinctive tones on 2 songs, "September Sun" and "Truth Telling" in March.


This month is all about tidbits and color, background vocals, various strange instruments I've been collecting, Kelsey, and some tracks recorded by some highly regarded musicians I've never worked with before but always wanted to,..


What else?


Today is my 3rd wedding anniversary, unfortunately, Rich & I are not able to spend it together, which is why I finally have a nice night to update this blog, of sorts.

and it's raining,.


Otherwise, you know? it's the same ol same ol,.

I've been doing various sessions around town and trying to get my German back up to snuff in preparation for my trip to Germany in September.

Funny, I've been doing a lot of composing for television themes and commercials lately. It's quite a challenge really, but it's fun! A different way to write for sure. I like it. It's a nice chance to get outside of your own head, do something creative that isn't in and of itself, selfish,..does that make sense?

It's like putting on a costume and playing spiderman for halloween. Or buying a new dress or a hat,..

You know what i mean,..that feeling of "new and refreshing"

It also is quite lucrative,..

a beneficial side effect,..



and that's the news for April 1st, 2009.


We have some shows coming up in starting in May, and this website will be looking very different very soon.

we'll plan to offer digital downloads, "artist direct" right here from

Mp3/AIFF/WAV format.

And the new CD will be offered in many different platforms.

Exciting times, huh?


i think so



until the next update,

love you, mean it!



"What's new?"
Happy New Year Beautiful friends! Once again, I've been lax in my correspondence,.. Sorry :( Exciting news for the new year! I have been composing some music for a new TV Pilot series. The show is called Issues: The Series Here's the link: You can also view the compressed lo-fi version of "Issues: The Series" on YouTube. The show will be aired with the help of Comic Con and hopefully, if all goes well, "on the air" viewable on a TV near you, which come to think of it, won't be for long now that television signals will be sent on fiber optic cable rather than "the air",..hmm The producers decided to use the instrumental versions of a few songs from "Chaos & Congeniality". You will hear "Hush Hush", "The Last Breakdown", and "Happy Happy". And I'll be writing some more music specifically for the show as well. Otherwise, you know, day in day out, same as it ever was,.. We're still working hard on the new CD, "A Beautiful Mess" Please visit the myspace page to hear the first final mix. It's a new version of an old crowd favorite from Beauty Lied, "it's what you said". The new version is called "Wot U Said" , with conveniently updated syntax to fit the new changes in text English.. check it out here: "Poisonwood Tree" will be the next featured new mix. Our tracking engineer, Bob Smith, requested a shot at mixing this tune, and how can I refuse that? Less work for me to do and I know he's going to do a super job! I can't wait, I can't wait I can't wait! The suspense is killing me! So, as I fret and toil waiting for a new mix to find it's way to my inbox, I would like to thank you all again for your continued support and well wishes! Without you all, my good friends, well,..I wouldn't have come this far! So thank you for the motivational emails, comments/messages on myspace (i promise I'll get a facebook page in 2009), and general well wishes at shows,.. I'm very lucky to have such committed friends and fans. I'm continually thankful for your support! I'm feeling like 2009 will be a banner year for us @ MyShyTune, and, of course, I'm wishing the same for all of you! Blessed be d
""A Beautiful Mess" on Schedule!"
Yess-sir-reee! This past weekend, my band, The Morning Papers, and I recorded over 3/4 of our upcoming album, "A Beautiful Mess". We recorded it @ my home base, Kampo Studios, but this time I hired my good friend, engineer, Bob Smith, to take charge of the recording duties. Geez,..what a luxury! I was in heaven! The songs we tracked are: Poisonwood Tree Suckers I don't like you Far from the Maddening Crowd (and 2 brand new songs) September Sun Truth Telling (co-written with my bassist, Jason Wallenstein) We also tracked a new song co-written with my good friend, world music artist, Francis MBappe. I am so excited for you all to hear it. Total departure, yet,..not really,. It's beautiful if I don't say so myself,.. In other news, we've gotten a few more network TV placements. That's always a good thing as it helps to pay for the above indulgences. Otherwise, my time will be spent mixing a few records for other artists, and finishing up " A Beautiful Mess". We plan to have it ready for the masses in June 2009. I'm so excited for you all to hear it! and that's that! more news to come! d
"Music in a short Film!"
It's official! My little musical adventure into the realm of avante garde, (the hidden track from my last album, "Chaos & Congeniality
TUESDAY, JUNE 24, 2008
I'm happy to announce that I was interviewed on by DJ Matt Lehtola. The air date was friday, June 20th, 2008. here's the link: As of today, the show is still the most recent, but if it's not in the player, you can find the show stored in the archive. the home page is: I will be on the show again this Thursday! Please stop by to listen! Ciao! d
TUESDAY, JUNE 10, 2008
"I've been remiss in my blogging"
Yes, it's true,.. and there's no excuse. I could say, "Well, I've been super busy", but aren't we all? I mean, reeeaaallly,'s the excuse of the new millenium. Although it IS true,. but enough, here's what's been happening: Most of my days have been have been spent in the studio on a host of different projects. Here's a taste of a few that will be available for download or sale in the next few weeks: The Off Broadway cast recording for "1918: A House Divided" is now completed and on it's way to stores, or online CD retailers. Indie singer/songwriter hailing from Alabama, Alyson Greenfield, will be releasing her debut full length CD in the next few weeks,.. And I'm in the process of the finishing up the mixing for STL indie artist, Celia Shacklett's next album, "Transformateurs". I'd like to point out, all 3 of these albums are the first mix projects I actually have completed entirely at home,.well, kindof,..1918 was initially recorded at Kampo Studios, Alyson came to me with pre recorded tracks,..Celia recorded about 80% of her tracks in Arkansas and a few will bemixed by that engineer,..2 songs were recorded at Kampo with the unbelievable, Bruce Cockburn,..but it is a milestone of sorts, as Rich and I have somehow managed to become home studio owners without actually planning it to happen. It's fun, sometimes frustrating, mainly because we're constantly needed to upgrade this or that, fix this or that, try to figure out how to make something happen that's easy as pie in the big room, know, it's endless. BUT, I can finally say, I'm feeling rather comfy mixing at home with the new updates and upgrades we've invested in. Of course, there's all sorts of gear I'd like to add, but,.. for now,..all is right. Now all we need is a name for the studio. lol and another $10K. :) (that last bit was a joke, Rich) I've also been busy on other projects at Kampo, and I had the opportunity to share sound mixing responsibilities with my friend Michael at Fuse TV recently. A live TV mix for a show called, "The Sauce", featuring the band, Death Cab for Cutie. Another milestone, as it was my first live "in studio" TV recording. The show will most likely be re-aired at some point and I do believe they have a cut or 2 up on the Fuse TV website. In other news, I've been working with my band, The Morning Papers, to get the finishing touches completed on a host of new songs slated to be recorded in August for the new CD, "A Beautiful Mess". The songs are a bit of a departure from "Chaos & Congeniality", and for the first time, we're actually writing a bulk of the songs as a unit, rather than just me presenting a song and saying, "What can you do with this?" It's been a lot of fun! It's liberating in some ways, as well. This recording will also be a milestone of sorts in the sense that it will be the first one where I will not be taking sole responsibility for the tracking dates. I've enlisted my good friend, Bob Smith, to work the board and it looks like we'll be working at The Mission in Brooklyn. Pretty exciting stuff happening. There will be a few songs featuring a different cast of characters as well, which will be recorded at my home base, Kampo Studios. This album in many ways is an opportunity for me to try something new, push pass self inflicted boundaries and open up a new dialogue in musical self-discovery. I've been listening to alot of free form jazz lately, listening to anything I can find on iTunes, searching for new sounds, new ideas,..something fresh,.. On that note, I've also been collaborating with my good friend, Kelsey Warren, in a side project we've been calling "Audience of my Familiar". It's electronica fused with R&B, rock and hip-hop elements,..some spoken word too! We plan to release a 5 song EP by the Fall of this year. So, I'll be sure to let you all know about that! I always promise I won't be so lax in my blogging duties, and for a month or so I actually am good to my word,..but then fall behind,.So I won't promise anything other than I'll be working hard to get new music out there,.. :) Till I see you all again, Blessed be d
"What I learned while visiting DC"
Hello beautiful people! Well, to start, I feel a little silly,.. Let me explain,.. This past weekend I was in DC,. I did a lovely show in conjunction with a charity called CALM (Coalition against landmines) at a venue called Potters House DC. It was an awesome experience, super successful turnout, we were able to raise alot of $$ for the charity, and I met some really nice new friends to boot,.. annnnnnnd, if that weren't enough, it looks like I'll be going back sometime in Feb/March,.. Fast forward,. We stayed in DC with my good friend Mark at his new gorgeous abode,..We were chatting about various things and he mentioned to me that I haven't updated my "news" section in quite a long time, to which I replied, "Huh?" It turns out that a link was broken and none of my new updates (since October of 2006!) have been posted. Sheesh! :smacking forehead with hand: So,..I thought I'd just let you know that it's all fixed now,.. There aren't many updates, just a few.. Along with a short tour diary detailing my trip to Berlin, Germany for Popkomm this past September,... We at do apologize for the inconvenience,.. Happy reading! (Thanks Mark! I owe you one! Dinner and a coke? You pick the place) :) ciao! d
"Back in NYC, home sweet home,.."
I've arrived back home,. safe and sound, although I think I picked up some kind of bug on the plane,..I spent most of my day yesterday sleeping it off,.. I'm still amazed that I was in Berlin not a day ago,.. It's almost like a dream you know? A Wonderfully fantastic dream! My last day full day in Berlin was spent with my German sister Regina and her boyfriend, Andre. We met for lunch and then visited checkpoint charlie. Beforehand, I had the opportunity to check out a street fair in my neighborhood. It was really cool, lots of old stuff from the East German days, trinkets and beer steins, glasses and clothing,..Also lots of local artists and artisans had their work on display and for sale. There were countless items I would've loved to take home if it weren't for the fact that I'd have to find a way to stuff them in my bag and pray nothing got ruined,.Eh? Next year,.. At least now, I know where to go! And I know to pack an extra suitcase! I also tried to get to the Turkish outdoor market, and after an hour or so on a wild goose chase to Kreutzberg based on information from a cafe owner, I finally found the place where the market is held,..not where she said it would be,..and of course, i was 4 hours too late,..However, with that chase I did get to see other parts of the city, was fun! As for the market, next time,.. My last day, which was monday, I walked around and bought lots of presents for my family back home,..about 11 bottles of beer, chocolate, magnets, Checkpoint charlie and Berlin Wall history books,..I actually had to buy another suitcase to fit it all,..As it was, I got yelled at by the Lufthansa rep when I checked my bags in because my main bag was over regulation weight. Luckily, she let me go with just a warning and some unkind words said under her breath in German (she probably didn't realize I could understand her) and there you have it. I also picked up a few items that included pieces of the berlin wall. Little shards encased in glass, or big shards glued to a magnet,..But it's fitting isn't it? A reminder of how things can change so quickly,.. 20 years ago, no one would've dared to think that the wall would be torn down and Germany reunited. It was just a dream,..but today,.. a reality. These little shards,.there's something existential about it,..Pieces of a wall that divided a country and it's people, now being sold shard by shard and sent all over the world,.. Could it be thought of as a reminder of what can happen when we're not paying attention? Perhaps a reminder that we can be divided just as the people of Berlin were? A reminder of the ridiculousness of the whole situation? I've always said that writing songs is a way for me to rid myself of the things that mentally or spiritually weigh me down, or a way to express the joy in my heart,..whatever,..I can imagine that all of these little pieces of the wall, in a way, can be considered as a means to rid the people of Berlin of a heavy weight they had to endure,.It must be comforting to know that The wall, a structure which was so intimidating and hostile, has now been conquered and destroyed,.. And the pieces, sold to tourists for a small fee,.. That's got to amount for something! And there it is,..Thank you to all of my new friends in Berlin for making this trip successful and happy! Popkomm was extraordinary! I, and the members of NY Music Exchange, will be going back again next year! I'm counting down the days and minutes,.. Auf Wiedersehn! Denise
"lost in germany,.."
But in a good way! At the moment, it's 2:30AM and I am sitting in an internet cafe a few doors down from our new hotel room. We are now in a new neighborhood called Friedrichstien. I could live here! It's very similar to NYC's east village, or really what the east village was like a few years ago,..It's quite safe but has an edgy feel to it, lots of cafe's and independently owned shops,..Art galleries and music everywhere. Friedrichstein, like the rest of Berlin, is filled with graffiti art,..not the type we see in NYC, but actual murals! it's amazing, I've snapped a bunch of pictures and I hope to make a collage of them. Last night I actually got the opportunity to do an inpromptu show at a women's bar called Begine. What an amazing venue! My new friend, Claudia set it up for us. Sonya wasn't able to attend because she had pre arranged plans, and Will wasn't allowed in because, well,..He's a man,..(No men allowed!) Claudia and I played about 6 songs each in a short round robin format, and Pantera did an A Cappela version of her awesome song (one of my favorites actually) "Sugarman". I REALLY enjoyed Claudia's music and she was even kind enough to give me a copy of her CD! I hope that we stay connected, I really enjoyed spending time with her and everyone we met at Begine! And the venue! WOW! The acoustics were stellar! no amplification necessary,..What a joy it is to play in an enviroment like that! I also met some new friends and had a nice conversation with the club owner who has invited us back next year, or whenever we return to Berlin. How cool is that? If anyone in the Berlin area is reading this, or if any of you are planning a trip to Berlin you have to go there! please visit thier website: And remember, it's ladies only,.. Today and tomorrow are off days now that PopKomm is over. My old friend , or as I call her, my German sister, Regina has come to visit me here in Berlin with her boyfriend, Andre. So far, we've spent the day sight-seeing and reminising about old times. We also met Pantera, Sonya and Will at a restaurant and had a grand old time drinking berliners and eating yummy food. Berlin is a pretty amazing city! I didn't expect to become so smitten! Today we went around the city on a double decker tour bus, and we also visted a place where I had been 17 years ago before the fall of the wall, called alexander platz. The main attractions in this area are an old church, the radio tower and the 24 hour clock. I have pictures of these sights at home, and I was amazed at how different it is now! Before, it was grey, deserted, ugly, today there are new shopping areas, restaurants (and curry wurst!) and filled with trees and other greenery. It was also mobbed with people! So different, just like the rest of the city. Tomorrow we will visit checkpoint charlie museum and we will try to make it to the turkish markt before it closes. That is a lot to do in one day, but I think we'll be able to do it. On a side note, This keyboard is very different also,..the letters are arranged differently than keyboards in the states and now I understand why I can never find an umlaut when in the US,.. So, with that I will leave you. till tomorrow! blessed be d
"Hallo aus Berlin!"
Geez Louise, I LOVE Berlin! It's my 3rd day here in Berlin and I still don't understand people very well,.. lol I'm having a hard time with the accent, however today I spoke with some people from dusseldorf and I understood everything they said,..and here I thought it was just me! I have been speaking German every day, I've managed to buy a cell phone, get around the city on the subway, and order food, ability to speak the language is in pretty sad shape,..The first day was the worst, although i feel like today a cloud had lifted and many words and phrases have been coming back to me one by one,..anyhoo,.. PopKomm has been an absolute blast! I have met music professionals and musicians from all around the world! As a matter of fact, Coming into Berlin from Frankfurt I met a guy from LA on his way to PopKomm also,..He happens to be a Berklee grad, just like me, and is a songwriter and producer! crazy,..I hope we keep in touch! The last time I was here in Berlin was 1989, before the fall of the Berlin wall. I was an exchange student at the time. Our group had come to East Berlin to visit students from an east German partner school. We weren't allowed to cross over to West Berlin during our stay. What a difference a wall falling can do to a city! I am amazed and excited to see the changes in this city. My memory of East Berlin was one of scared faces scanning our group from the corner of an eye, gray buildings, deserted streets,..There is so much building going on, so much new construction, happy people,'s, restaurants, music clubs, movie houses, arts, theatre, you name it! So far, we've been going to Popkomm during the day, then around 4 or 5pm we start sight-seeing,.. Last night, we visited the holocaust memorial (which was just unbelievable and moving) the Brandenburg Gate (which everyone has seen at least once in old Nazi WW2 footage with the nazi flags and soldiers crossing through,..) The gate had originally been built as a symbol of Peace, then bastardized by Hitler to b a symbol of war,..this city's history is told on every block, seen on every face and via the architechture. Yesterday, my friends and I split up and traveled the city,..I visited checkpoint charlie,..well what's left of it,..and then did some window shopping,..the weather here couldn't be better,..and I'm just tickled pink to be here! I'm looking forward to coming to Popkomm next year I think,..So far its been an amazing experience!. And there it is,..I'll be checking in again before leaving for home on Monday,. auf wiedersehn! blessed be d
FRIDAY, JULY 20, 2007
Great news! I just received word that my song, "Hush Hush" has been featured on the ABC prime time TV drama, "Traveler"! Awesome,.. A great show! everyone should watch it! I hear there is a petition to keep the show on the air for at least another season,.. go sign it! more news to come! blessed be d
"Mo Pitkin's July 5th @ 9pm!"
Our next show is July 5th, 2007. here's the details: Denise Barbarita & the Morning Papers Mo Pitkin's 34 Ave A (btwn 2/3) NYC, NY show starts @ 9pm The Morning Papers are: Me! Rich Kulsar on drums Jason Wallenstein on bass Kelsey Warren on lead guitar This show is a fundraiser for my trip to Popkomm in Berlin, Germany. I'm also booking a few dates while I'm over there. I'll be travelling with a few friends from NYC as well! We'll all be performing at Mo's thursday night! I hope you can make it! ciao! d
"A weekend in Boston,.."
So last weekend I was in my 2nd favorite town in the country,..Boston ahhh,..memories It's so civilzed in Boston,..clean and pretty,..everyone's so nice,.. Speaking of which, as many of you know, I helped to found a new songwriter series in boston, jamaica plain, specifically. Last weekend, we had an awesome outdor lawn concert to commemorate an amazing opening Spring season. Each show of the month was a sell out, the performers were amazing, and we had a blast,..I'd call that a successful 1st season! While I was in town, I got a chance to meet with an old friend from berklee, hung out at th Burren with my friends Danielle and Tom, and even got a chance to play at the Lizard Lounge,.. Not too shabby,.. I'll be back in Beantown in the Fall,..I'm looking forward to it! In other news: Our Gigs page is still out of commission,..I don't know why,..we're still trying to fix it,.. please visit: for up to date shows in your area! That's the news for now,.. till next time,.. d
Has ARRIVED! That's right, folks! The limited edition CD featuring LIVE recordings, RARE tracks and remixes is now available! Please contact me for details (contact page) as this CD will NOT be available in stores or online except HERE, at MyShyTune (or at live concerts). There are only 100 copies available and once they're gone, they're gone! (And they're going fast, I'm actually quite surprised!) More news to come! Ciao for now! d
Is complete! how exciting! I've been announcing (and un-announcing) that our upcoming live and rareties album, Alive & B-sides is on it's way,.. well after a few changes and a duplication company going out of business, it's finally completed! Only 100 copies are available! that's it, once they're gone, they're gone! The CDs will only be available at shows and through me, so please, if you'd like a copy, email me and I will send you instructions. The Cds will not be available via CDbaby. I have been assured by Discmakers, that the CDs will be in my hands no later than April 10th. Encouraging words! That's the big news for today, if you want a sneak peak at the cover, visit the discography page! It's at the top! oh, and yeah, I know the gigs page is still not working correctly,..working on it still,.. ciao! d
"Sam ash sponsorship and Women's week!"
Hello beautiful people! All sorts of good things happening! To begin, We are now sponsored by Sam Ash, the country's largest retailer of musical instruments! (applause applause) I want to thank my good friend, Nate DalCais, at Sam Ash for his support with helping us with all of the paperwork and phone calls and what not,.. hat's off to you, Nate! In other news, I just got back from a week-long jaunt up to Provincetown. I played every night along with a gaggle of talented women who came from all over the country to perform during women's week. What a blast! Shows at the popular nightclub, The Vixen, shows upstairs in their newly renovated Winebar, long walks with Rich on the dunes during the day, walking along the water, shopping in town, Parties and inpromptu jams in the evenings that went well into the wee hours,..I also got to meet some songwriters I have heard of, but never "heard", that was awesome! Annnnnnd, I got to see some friends I haven't seen in ages! It would take days to fill you in on all the fun and excitement, but for now, I'd like to take a moment to thank 2 lovely women for planning and executing the week's festivities,.. Susan Souza, the mastermind behind the Women's KISS event, and Vicki Blankenship, my good friend, and CEO of Indiegrrl, the organization who sponsored the event. There were many other women behind the scenes working hard and putting weeks of work into the event, again, it would take days to list them all, and they were instrumental in keeping everything running smoothly behind the scenes! Job well done ladies! Thank you! I also had the opportunity to make it up to Boston for the weekend. I did a show at The Burren in Davis square with my good friend, Danielle Miraglia. She's awesome,..This is the 2nd time I've played there, and I swear, it's like walking into Cheers! Everyone is so friendly and warm,..I love that place,.I do miss Boston from time to time,'s so,..civilized, (in comparison to NYC). I also got together with a few friends in Boston, Patti DeRosa, Jess Yoakum and Laura Bullock. They are putting together a new songwriter coffeehouse series, and I was lucky enough to be there for their first meeting. I think at the moment it's called JPUnplugged. (as in Jamaica Plains unplugged) It'll be a neighborhood type of songwriter series featuring local songwriters as well as out of towners,..I really hope it goes well! These ladies deserve recognition, they're all wonderful! So, now I'm back in NYC, nursing a cold that I caught in P-town, most likely from lots of changing weather patterns and not enough sleep,..getting back into the grind,.. There's alot more stuff on the horizon,..We're getting the details together for a few more local shows in November & December,..I'll post them once we've confirmed everything,.. In the meantime, enjoy the lovely Fall weather! blessed be d
"We killed Kenny!"
well, ok, not really,.. One of my guilty pleasures is watching south park, as disturbing as it is, it's pretty funny, and the characters they come up with, everything,.. it's all making sense now that I'm here in South Park. The policemen actually wear cowboy hats! We arrived here friday afteroon, and headed off to south park. Driving through Denver was a shock to me though,..basically, my preconception of what I thought Denver would be was blown to pieces,..I expected it to be something like chatanooga or knoxville, in the sense that it's a mountain town, a city with coprporate buildings, but lush and green, filled with trees,.. It's not quite like that here,..At least not from the airport approach,'s not pretty on the way into town on the main drag,.lots of industrial buildings and big lot types of shopping areas. Urban sprawl on the grand scale,.. However, the city of Denver, once inside, is quite nice, it reminds me a bit of Nashville in it's layout, and the area where we played tonight reminded me a bit of Decatur GA. Kind of a coffee bar, artsy college town vibe,'s really cool! And the festival was a blast! I met an old friend I haven't seen in ages,.we shared a manager some years ago,..that was awesome, and I met lots of industry folk types and really cool people in general! The area where the festival is held is beyond words,..Absolutely gorgeous, snow topped mountains, rolling hilly valley with horse and cow farms, there was one highway on the way back to denver where there was next to nothing other than beautiful landscape, some places the rocks are red and craggy, almost like someone came by and blew a chunk right out of them,.. it's really hard to describe,..even the pictures don't do the scenery justice,..I haven't been so moved by the landscape since we were in Hawaii! I've also been suffering a bit from the altitude change,..South Park is roughly 10K feet above sea level,..And Denver, of course, is called mile high city because it is a mile above sea level,.. I've been told it's pretty common for out of towners to feel a wee lightheaded and out of breath,..which is basically what I'm suffering from,..The first night we were in town, we stayed in a town called Frisco. Rich and I walked the equivalent of 4 city blocks and we were both breathing heavily while we waiting at the stop light,..we had to laugh,..And we did,,..of course that made it worse, So, I've learned to walk a little slower and breath a little deeper,'s pretty interesting how the body copes with a new enviroment,.. We have a few more days to go before we're back to the big apple,.. Tonight we're staying in Denver, and tomorrow we'll be back in South park Then we'll head out to so some hiking and sightseeing with Rich's cousin, who lives out here,.. A big day for sure! And that's the news so far! more to come! d
"is it August already?"
Geez,.. time keeps on ticking,.. Hello it's me again! I first want to start my monthly dissertation by thanking everyone in PA for coming out to the PA singer/songwriter festival! I especially want to thank my good friends Bob and Audrey for sponsoring my performance there! It was a great time! I have lots of friends in central PA and I got hang out with most of them! We had a blast. My friend Michael came out with us from NYC and we camped at the shagrila campground. Well,..the city version of camping,..we rented a cabin,.. :) Kelsey came out to join us the day we perfromed at the festival and we had such a great time! We even did an impromtu set together. Kelsey played guitar along with Rich and me. I also added a new song to the set list,..It's a musical gift for Bob and Audrey actually,..They are huge Todd Rundgren fans! (i thought I was a Todd fan until I met them!) So, I worked out a cover arrangement for "Hello it's me" (one of my favorite Todd tunes) And can you believe? They posted a video of the performance on the internet! I'm nto sure what the URL is,..I'll let you know,.. Since I've been back from PA, I've been working like crazy! I wrote an article for Music Talks, you can visit the site and read the article if you'd like! here's the link: you can also visit their myspace page: This month I'm back at Bach to Rock for my 2nd year! It's always a blast! The Bach to Rockers are a constant inspiration to me in the sense that they know no fear and they are all willing to challenge themselves to play music they wouldn't have otherwise,..or try new things,'s pretty cool actually,..I'm constantly reminded of the fact that I used to be just like them when I was a teenager. I really wish I had an opportunity to go to a rock camp and get my butt kicked everyday. The experience of teaching there always makes me want to rethink my own music and my own playing,..try something new,.. Another reason it's so much fun! What else? well, I'll be in the studio for a bit and the it's off to Colorado for the South Park Music Festival! I think I mentioned this is my first time visiting Colorado. I can't wait! We will be hanging out with Rich's cousin John, who live in Denver. He's a super nice guy and I can't wait to see him again! And there it is! More stories from the road to follow! blessed be d
MONDAY, JULY 3, 2006
"please excuse my absence,.."
Hey there kids! it's me again,.. (not that you were expecting anyone else, but i figured I'd clarify, regardless,.) So, I realize I left you all in the lurch,.bad bad me, for not filling you in on the last days of the Barba-shack attack in my favorite city, St Louis!!!! Celia and I played 2 shows in St. Louis. The first was Novak's, a very cool venue in celia's neighborhood. I met lots of awesome people and the bartender, Dana, was using me as a guinea pig for some different conconctions he was perfecting. Needless to say, I don't remember much else from that night,..except that it was full of fun and bright colors! Day 2, Rich and I tooled around St Louis,..We visited the arch and had a semi mediocre lunch at a touristy little spot in the downtown area. Then we met up with Celia at my favorite club, The Venice cafe. This place is awesome,'s wall to wall ceramic mosaic, filled with bits of glass and beads and bottle tops,..even mirrors! It's absolutely stunning! And if that's not enough, 2 friends of mine who I haven't seen in forever, Jill and Jane, came to the show! I met Jill on my first trip to STL with the Sirens. We all had a fun little party at her lovely brownstone and we've kept in touch ever since. Jane and I met in Hawaii at the girfest festival. I haven't seen her since then. Truth be told, I was super tired and feeling a little weary when they arrived, but they filled the room with so much good energy I was able to pick up the pace and finish off the set on an up-note. We had the opportunity to catch up on current events and be silly,.. all that good stuff,.. But, all things must come to end, and alas, that was the last night of the Barba-shack attack tour. I'm happy to report that his was the most successful and fun tour we've had to date. And I have YOU to thank,..all of you who came out to support us, who offered us a place to lay our heads, who bought CDs,..I can't put into words how humbling and how estatic I am for having all of you in my life! And I can't wait to get back out on the road to see all of my new midwestern friends! I'd also like to send out a big THANKS to Celia for being such an awesome tour buddy! She's an awesome songwriter and I still have her songs in my head, after 3 weeks being home! Lucky for me, she'll be in NYC in August to record her new CD at Kampo so I'll get to hear all of those great songs for a whole week! Some people might think that's not a good thing,..I think it is,..especially knowing that she'll have a great band backing her and I'll get to hear everything from inception to finished product,..I think that's the most fun for me,.. Our last tour date was in Cincinnati with my new buddy, Rhonda Everitt, of Pale Beneath the Blue. We played at a club called the Play by Play cafe. An interesting establishment. On our way to Cinci, I got a call from Rhonda saying that our show may have been cancelled because the booker had been fired and the headlining act wasn't able to make the show. Apparantly, the owners there are more interested in cover bands because "that's where the money is". To each his own I suppose,.. We got it all worked out and the show happened and it was all good! Once again I met awesome new friends, and as Rhonda says, I was spewing my "blue state latte drinking liberal" viewpoints during a conversation with my new friend Raymond. It was actually an eye opening conversation and quite interesting to get his viewpoints on some issues, I thouroughly enjoyed our conversation,..and while I didn't agree with everything, as I'm sure he didn't agree with me on some points, I was happy to have another angle to chew on,..Since we continued our conversation outside of the club for an hour after they closed, I'm thinking he enjoyed it too,..I hope so,.. I don't think people in Ohio talk much about things that may cause a stir, in NY we kind of thrive on it,'s very different. So, finally, Rhonda had peeled Raymond and I away and we headed for her home,..Before Rich and I made the 14 hour drive back home Rhonda and I planned and schemed for her upcoming mix session scheduled for the week after,.. And that brings me to today,.. The mixes have been finished and the tracks are backed up (twice!) I finished a song for my publisher and I'm currently working on solidifying dates in Co during the South Park festival ANNNNNNND booking a European tour with my NYC partner in crime, Pantera. We're planning on going to Belgium, Germany and Italy in March or April of 2007! Otherwise, it's been sessions and sleeping when i can, getting back into the rhythm of NYC life. It amazes me every time I come home that it takes a week to get myself hooked back in to the network. And there it is,..the last 3 weeks or so,.. paraphrased,.. This coming month will take us to PA 2x. We have a house party scheduled for this coming weekend and then the PA singer/songwriter festival will happen on the weekend of July 22nd. I'll be traveling with Kelsey from Pillow Theory and Frank Carter! We're playing back to back on sunday the 23rd! I'm really looking forward to getting out there and seeing all my friends! So, friends,.that's all the news for now! I'll keep you posted on the new tidbits as they come! ciao! d
"April showers bring April wedding flowers!"
Hey all! I can't believe it's been 2 months since I posted last! So much has been going on, I don't even know where to start! Well, I guess I should begin with,..We're back in NYC! Our trip to Rome was absolutely amazing! I'd like to take the time again to thank Alex and Costanza for their love and hospitality! I have decided that come hell or high water, We're going to make a pilgrimage to Rome every year! We actually even got a chance to do a short guest performance opening for Alex's awesome band, Funkalista. They play everywhere in Rome,, the night we opened for them it was a little chilly, we played in Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere, and it was awesome because it had already become my favorite spot to people watch. Rich sat in with Funkalista, trading tunes with Alex who is the band leader and regular drummer,.. They put on one hell of show, people were dancing in the streets! I guess I wasn't too shabby either, based on all of the kind words and compliments,..I'll never forget that experience! The few weeks we were back in NYC were a little surreal. I think it always is when you come back home after being in another country for an extended period,..On the one hand, we were happy to be back, (we missed Thai food) but on the other hand, I was still there in Rome, mentally processing all that I had seen and all the new friends I had met. We took a month long hiatus in March to finish up the final wedding planning touches. Even though we made it a point to keep everything simple it was still a crazy amount of work to get it all together,..coordinating bridesmaids and groomsman, tuxedos and dresses, flowers and seating arrangements, menu choices and figuring out who is vegan and who's lactose intolerant,.. details details,..I'm glad we took the time off, it seemed that every day we had something wedding related to work out! Rich and I were married on April 1st, was beautiful and we felt overjoyed but the outpouring of love from our friends and family members! The wedding was held in NYC during the afternoon, then we held an "after-party" at Kampo to celebrate a little more! All in all it was a great time and it couldn't have been a better day! Fast forward a week later to today,.. I'm trying to get the finishing touches on the MAy/June midwestern "barbashack attack" tour. I'll be doing some double bills with my good friend Celia Shacklett from my home away from home St Louis! We'll be hitting Knoxville, Nashville, Memphis, STL, Kansas City, Lawrence, KS, and somewhere in Ohio. That's the date I'm still working on,.. sheesh,.. And last but not least, 2 more things,.. I got an email saying my MyShyTune website updates are just about finished! ahhhh I can't wait! it's only been a year or so,.. AND the live/B-sides limited edition CD is on track. Although, my lovely editor and chief believes that while he loves the band performances, he hates the recording quality,..I would agree,.. So, Our next NYC show at Ace of Clubs will be videotaped and recorded to hard disk,,.Hopefully that will do the trick! Otherwise, it's finished,.. And there you have it! 2 months of my life in a bucket,.. till next time!
"no title"
Buono Serra di A Roma! I don't know whether my Italian is correct but it sounds good right? Hello from Rome! all I can say is WOW! It's all that I expected, and more,.it's daunting, it's magical, it's overwhelming in many ways,.2000+ years of history within a few square miles,..a city whose streets are paved with volcanic rock, see, in one day, the ruins of the roman empire, One of the greatest civilizations on Earth overrun with cats, or incorporated into the largest organizational entity on earth, the vatican, holds so many implications on so many levels,..I can't even begin to describe the feelings of awe, or just the magnatude of the experience. I'm really at a loss for words! The other interesting puzzle for me is a very strange feeling of familiarity that I don't think I've ever felt before. Rich and I arrived in Rome Sat morning. We were met by one of Rich's friends from college named Alex. He's a sweetheart! He's been our tour guide here and there, showing us some of the best places in Trestevere,..the best cappuchino bars, the best restaurants,..even introduced us to our new friend, costanza, who is hosting our stay here,.. Since the first hour here, I feel as though I've walked these very streets before, I feel as if I KNOW where I'm going, even though i don't. I hear Italian spoken everywhere, i don't understand much, if any, but yet for some reason something inside of me is super frustrated that I don't understand,..somehow I should. Odd right? considering my knowledge of Italian comes from either musical terms or from the Italian CDs I bought a few weeks ago to try to learn to speak at least a little something,..i've been getting by with broken Italian phrases mixed with German, and when that doesn't work, grunting and pointing,..otherwise, most people speak a little english,.. I can't really describe this feeling of familiarity,..I keep thinking I'm going to meet with people i know, even though I know there's no one here,'s odd,..the other tidbit being that i see features that are familiar to me in the faces that pass me by,..for example, a woman in a restaurant yesterday, looked very much like my aunt, another girl like my cousin, perhaps it's the awakening of that Italian heritage? Like a part of me belongs here, it's in my blood,..maybe? Being American, that's really the only heritage I know, an italian-Irish-dutch american female,..there are cultural norms and mannerisms that i identify with, ..that are familiar,..mannerisms or features I share,..which, here, make me blend in, or make it so that I'm mistaken as a local,..elsewhere, these mannerisms define me as something else,..I'm not sure what I'm trying to convey here,..maybe just a sense of belonging,..hard to say,.In some ways it feels like home, even though it's completely foriegn in other ways,.. So far, we've visited the Imperial Roman forum (unbelievable), the vatican (even more unbelievable), a dozen churches more fantastic then the last, the Pantheon,..(incredible),.. We've visited at least 12 capuchino bars,..much different than I expected! basically you go in, order a capuchino, suck it dry, pay for your drink, then leave,..that's the roman way, 3 slurps and goodbye! I imagined people hanging out, having a pastry maybe? nope,..not really there are no "to go" cups,..which doesn't surprise me,. man, the capuchinos are yummy, no matter how quickly they go down! And the food! yikes! It's so good! We went to a restaurant tonight, "mario's" Seems every time we sit down for a meal we wind up chatting with the people next to us,..tonight was no different! everyone here is friendly and kind! anyway, tonight's dinner was just like spaghetti at grandma's house, the sauce was the same, everything was the same,..again, there's that familiarity, oh and the chocolate is divine,'s heavenly,..blessed by the pope no doubt, there's got to be some reason it's so good! i can't imagine anything better! I could go on, but i'm tired nad maybe even slightly delerious!, lots of walking and talking and eating and sightseeing, brain is on overload and my hands are cold,..what can I say? I'll write more tomorrow or the next day,.. All I can say is this place is magical, it feels like coming home, i don't know what else to say about it. I'm in awe and overwhelmed by the beauty or everything around me. until the next installment! arrivederci!
"no title"
Hello lovelies! It's an update from "your truly" after a wee hiatus,.. Things are getting busy! I can't ever seem to keep up, but all is good in Barbaritaville! Here's what's new: Check out this link to view the most recent Chaos & Congeniality review---> She's got "Hush Hush" playing when you log on,..pretty cool,.. The review is listed in her "blog" entries We've got a few live shows coming up,.. the tour schedule is light for the first couple month of 2006 because,.. Rich and I are FINALLY planning a wedding! Yee-Ha! The wedding date is slated for April 2006, so we're busy getting things together,.. Now I understand the term "Bridezilla" and it's relevence,.. Geez,..I didn't think it was going to be such drama! So far it hasn't been TOO bad, just lots of little silly details,..We've got the space, we've got the dress, we ordered the invites,,'s coming along, all we need is the minister,..hehe,..and so is life,.. We're planning a trip to Austin, TX with the band in March for the SXSW convention. (So hopefully I'll finally get to meet my TX penpal buddies!) We've also begun preliminary work for a 2006 Spring/Summer tour, starting in mid May,..We're planning to hit PA, DC, VA, GA, TN, KY, MO, KS, IA, IL, and OH for this one,..We've been asked back to quite a few venues from last year, and I think this coming tour will be the best outing yet! Stay tuned for more details! In other news ... This year is going to be a busy one at my second home, Kampo Studios. I'll be producing/engineering 2 albums at the top of the year for 2 St Louis artists! MarieK, and my long time friend, Celia Shacklett. I'm really excited to work with both of these gals! MarieK has a sultry Lucinda Williams meets Patti Smith vibe, and Celia is an artist whose music I've been a fan of for a long time (we met while I was touring with SirensWildRide). I'm not sure how to describe her music,..She doesn't really sound like anyone, she's eclectic and fun, kinda R&B/disco beat party vibe with a sprinkle of Kate Bush or even Joni Mitchell in her rock phase,.. Both gals are awesome songwriters, which is why I can't wait to work with them! There are also other projects slated for the coming months; Most are in the beginning stages of development, I'll let you know about those as they get firmed up! Once again, I'm hoping to have the website updated by the end of February. I feel like I'm cursed in that department! Seems like every time I hire someone to do the updates they disappear,..Web designers are to me what the drummer is to Spinal tap! lol except they don't die,..which is a good thing,..I wouldn't wish that,.. And that's the story so far for 2006. More to come!
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hey all! so this is totally unrelated to anything relevant,.. I was just on the phone with a friend of mine,..We're going to drop by his new home,..anyhoo,.. the subject of mapquest came up,..which is cool,..but did you know you can get a satellite picture of your location on google? Go to, type in your address, and voila! you can see your house up close and personal,..spy on your neighbors,..yikes! On the one hand,.that's pretty cool,..on the other hand, it's kind of scary,..unless of course you have nothing to hide, in which case it shouldn't matter,.. But, as I sit here typing this new knowledge poses a rather serious series of questions,.. For example, if, in fact, we can zoom in on our own locations and search a specific slice of NYC using google, why is it that we can't find Osama Bin Laden with all the high tech spy gadgets we've been paying for with our taxdollars?? hmmm Can't they just do a search up there,..surveillance? and then fly a helicopter or something over there? what's the problem? :giggle: I mean really, we have the capacity to use sattelites and high density telscopes to find planets orbiting stars 50 thousand light years away, but we can't find one man forraging for nuts and berries through the brush somewhere in the mountains of Afganistan or Pakistan or where ever he may be,..crazy when you think about it right? makes you wonder whether all the conspiracy theorists are correct in assuming 9/11 was an inside job,.. i'm not quite at that point yet, but I'm starting to understand the logic,.. And, doesn't it make you wonder,..if I can see a picture of my own home on google, wouldn't it have been possible to search Iraq for WMD's via satellite? hmmm it could have been better than faulty intel,..argh so, are some other practical questions,.. What if you suspected your spouse of cheating?What if you wanted to spy on your boyfriend/g-friend to see if they really aren't feeling well and decided to go out with someone else? you could find out! real time surveillance on google!! oh the possibilities for disturbing one's civil liberties! a field day for Big Brother! lol lol lol lol ok,.now i'm getting silly,.. hmmmm maybe there's a song in this? :) happy chanakwanzamas!
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oh,..and there's a new review,.. Sort of new,..Actually I didn't knowit had been posted yet,.. BIG thank you goes out to Paul Autry from BallBuster Magazine! here's the link (scroll down)
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another review to add! they're coming in fast! this time it's from Roland Goity at here's the link: Thanks Roland! I'd also like to thank the wonderful "Q" at 89.5 WSOU, Seton Hall University, for inviting us to perform and banter unintelligibly on her show "No Man's Land" last week! We had an awesome time! Thanks Q! You can catch her show every Wed night on WSOU from 10p-12a One last thing,.. I came across this article from the NYTimes' op-ed section today,..Thought some of you may find it interesting,.. here's the link: happy reading! more to come! till next time! d
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ahhhh the new review from Northeast In-Tune magazine is up! here's the link: A BIG wondrous siren call goes out to Nikki Chipman for such an awesome and thoughtful review! We love Nikki,..We really do! Also,..a friendly reminder,.. Listen to WSOU 89.5 (go to for those of you outside of the NJ/NY area) Wed, Nov 30th! I'll be live on the air with "Q" on her program "No Man's Land", from 10-11pm ok,.that's all,.. :) d
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Hey everyone! So, I've been a little lax with my regular news updates,.. I apologize,.. the truth is, well,..I need an intern! it's really just that simple! There's been a lot to tell, just no energy to tell it! but before I begin there are 2 pieces of news that are quite exciting! 1. I'm November's featured Indiegrrl! go to you'll see me there on the front page! Thanks Holly and Vicki! 2. There's a new exclusive in-depth interview,.. get all the juicy tidbits and dirt about the making of "Chaos and Congeniality"! What does Denise REALLY think of her band mates? read the interview! What the heck Is that song about anyway? Go to: Once again, I'm on the front page! Big thank you to Michael Foster, editor and chief of Cutting Edge Voices magazine! There will also be a review of "Chaos and Congeniality" in the next few weeks posted on the same site,. watch for that one,. So whats g-nu? well,.. I've been taking some well needed R&R! I feel like this whole year I've been on the road,..My time spent in NYC has been spent either packing to leave, planning and booking the tour, or I'm just gone,..hehe Autumn is my favorite time of year, and NYC is my favorite city,..and "Autumn in NY" is one of my top 5 all time favorite standards,.. it's only fitting that I be here for this momentous occasion! Fall only comes once a year,.. Soon enough chesnuts will be roasting on open fires all up and down the avenues, people will be hustling and bustling and knocking others in their way over to get the new hot iPod or the new stuffed animal or related gizmo for Xmas,.. the subways are crowded with boxes and bags, people coughing and sniffling from jack frost's nose nipping,.. AAAAHHHHH, I'm glad to be back in NY! There's no place like home! We've got 3 shows in the NYC area coming up,..Tonight is the year's last outing for the band at The Knitting Factory, and then there will be 2 solo shows, one at my favorite NJ spot, Espresso Joe's with Jo Wymer (I LOVE the coffee there!) and the absolute last show at the very cool Brooklyn spot, VoxPop, with my good friend Kristi Martel. If you mosie on over to the "gigs" page, you'll find all of the specifics there,.. And that's pretty much how it's going to be for a few months,..I'm taking a bit of a breather until March or so from touring,.. So, What am I going to do with all of this free time? I've got a bunch of new tunes in various stages of finality,..I think I'll finish them! I've got a bunch of friends and family members who don't remember what i look like outside of the promo pictures,,..I think I'll visit them! There are some people who would really like to finish their records! I think Ill help them out with that! and last but not least, I'm going to do some relaxing, become a fixture at the gym, you know, stuff like that! And of course I'll be able to keep you all updated on new events,..for a change,.. There's some cool stuff on the way, I think you'll all be hearing a little more from me! till then! Blessed be d
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Another killer review!!!! Many thanks go out to Kevan Breitinger for his review on! Thanks Kevan! here's the link: We'll be doing some traveling this month! Richmond, VA, Frederick, MD , Boston, MA, etc etc Check out the gig page to see if we'll be in your area, and if so, come on down and say hi!

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Hey beautiful people! I have a confession to make,.. are you ready?? :ahem: sometimes I do a google search on myself,.. it's true! And don't get all funny on me! (I'm sure you do it too!) anyhoo! I actually have a very good reason for my narcissistic behavior,.. I check to see if reviews came through, interviews, gig listings,..etc etc So imagine my surprise when, today, as I was looking through my many pages of google links, that I found out "Beauty Lied" is listed on's music page! yes,..I'm officially a sell out! lol lol lol lol Well, not really,.. Actually,'s funny,.while on the one hand, I'm thinking,.."This is good right? Think of the exposure!" on the other hand (my conscious is killing me!) I'm appalled,..because I don't believe in WalMart's business practices, or their treatment of their employees,..I go out of my way in every instance to avoid WalMart,..Low prices be damned! I'd rather pay an extra 15 cents to insure that small local businesses can compete and can stay open,..I'd prefer to pay an extra 42 cents for a product to know that means one of the floor employees can afford to put food on the table for his/her family,.. I know,..I'm a bleeding heart liberal,..One of those tree-hugging do-gooders,..I guess I don't "get it" when it comes to blatant selfishness,..Or profits coming before people,..Call me a leftish commie who believes we're all equal in the eyes of God,..that class warfare is inhumane,.. phthttft! :rolling eyes: How dare I care about others and other people's well-being instead of only putting myself, my own profits and well being as #1? that's so un-American! but I digress,.. What to do when you're an artist who doesn't believe in WalMart but your music somehow winds up there for sale? It's a strange feeling,..Kind of like having one of your songs used in a commercial for a product you don't believe in,..or like "Happy Happy" being used as the background music for the RNC,..argh! (no that didn't really happen, thankfully) on the one hand you think, "WOW! I'm in the mainstream,..people will know who I am! Mass exposure!" On the other, it's "ICK!, ACK! BLECH, get this awful taste out of my mouth!" So,..I believe i'll need to strike a compromise,.. A PERSONAL ENDORSEMENT: I implore anyone reading this note,..if you were, perchance, thinking of purchasing a CD (maybe as Xmas presents?), or maybe thinking of purchasing a song as a digital download,..Read carefully! I personally endorse the following companies based on their commitment to "the artist" and "the customer" and "the staff". I believe they are top notch companies who deserve to be treated nicely,.. in order of my love for them: For Hard copies (online): #1: CDBABY!!!!!!! (#1 in my book!) there is no other! #2: #3: Tower (or if you're in NYC, Tower Records, Columbus circle) #4: Other places to purchase hard copies for people who aren't comfortable with purchasing things online: NJ: Espresso Joe's (50 Front Street, Keyport, NJ) Brooklyn: VoxPop (1022 Cortelyou Road, Flatbush) FROM ME! SASE w/check or M.O. to me! I'll even sign your CD for you! For digital downloads (MP3s) #1: (#1, once you go mac you don't go back) for those of you who are technologically challenged,.. (kidding) #2: (#2 choice) #3: Music #4: That concludes my rant for the day,.. lol Thanks for reading! blessed be d
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It's the "all about me" day! hehe more good news! DJ Laney Goodman, who hosts a nationally acclaimed syndicated radio show "Women in Music" played "In Pieces" this week! (Show No. 05-34; Week of 08/23/05) Want to hear the podcast?? I thought you might! She's archived them on the site: You can also check out a listing of what days her show airs in each city. And, if that wasn't enough, you can sign up for a podcast preview of the show to be sent to you! (perfect for someone who is geographically challenged) here's the link:
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check out a new review of "Chaos and Congeniality"! Thanks Jon! You should also check out Jon's personal site (the review is listed there as well) Oh,..and we now have a myspace page! cuz we all need friends,..
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the site it is a-changin' FINALLY! so,..the tour diaries page has been updated in the words of the count,.. 1 page,..ah ah ah it's coming along,.. big thanks to Kjartan for making the necessary changes! in a few weeks it'll all be done! yeee-ha! I just spent the last couple of days with an old friend of SirensWildRide, Sandy Andina. She came all the way from Chicago to visit my lovely city, and what perfect timing! The weather has been primo! Sandy is also a singer/songwriter. Her music is best categorized as "traditional folk", in the vein of the great storytellers. MY personal favorite is a a song called "Because we can". She turned me on to some of her new material. She has an awesome new tune called "Safe Home", the nutshell interpretation is that you can be against the war in Iraq but still support the troops who are fighting for their lives over there, making the best of a bad situation,.. It's a poignant message. Her song is actually being played at Camp Casey down in Bushville,.. We had an awesome time! Sandy is a self proclaimed coffee-geek,..Sh even roasts her own beans! pretty cool right? She taught me a thing or 2 for sure! I'm still buzzing from all the coffee we bought at porto rico (my favorite coffee beanery),.. anyhoo,..It's been a pretty quiet month in the city, although Rich and I have been driving all over PA this month. We'll be doing some shows at home for the remainder and then it's off to DC and Boston in September,.. never stops,..i can't complain! I"m having a blast! that's the news for now! Enjoy the awesome weather while it's here!
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hey all! well, it's been a busy month so far! I had the pleasure of teaching vocals and being a band leader at a 2 week kid's music program called "Bach to Rock" here's the link: what a blast! basically it's a program in garden city long Island for 10-16 year olds; cultivating their skills as musicians and allowing them to learn in a really creative and fun enviroment,.. I wish there was a program like that when i was growing up! anyhoo,..all of the teachers were awesome and the KIDS were awesome,..all super talented and open to different styles of music,..I was truly inspired,..i don't say that often,..the fact that so many kids challenged themselves in terms of singing material or playing material that did't necessarily fit into their comfort zone,..they were eager to learn and try new things, was pretty amazing,..AND the coolest thing is that the kids got to perform at a club in LI for their family and friends at the end of the 2 weeks,.. that was basically my last 2 weeks,..I'm hoping to be there again next summer,.. Rich and I made a trip out to central PA to perform the Juneteenth festival and we also stopped in at a small cafe in Lewisburg, called Mya's this past weekend,.. I dont' think it could have been any hotter, was maybe 105 in the shade? if you could find it,..the stage was put together in the middle of a baseball field, so needless to say,..we were stupid hot and sweaty,..but i learned a very good lesson that gave me a reason to ponder,.. Basically Rich and I got some homecooking from a mom and pop vendor at the festival,..spicy hot jamaican food,..mmm-mmm good! you would think that would make you more uncomfortable,..but to my surprise,..I actually felt rather cooled off after our meal,. and it makes me wonder,.. I'd like to send out a big thank you to Johnny Blair for co-ordinating the Jenueteenth festival and inviting us out! We had an awesome time despite the heat! That same evening, Rich and I got a chance to play a very intimate and special show at Mya's,..2 folks who came out to see the show had seen us at the PA singer/songwriter festival and made it a point to come to Mya's,..It was a really special night, a few ways,..1 of them being that I think I was delerious from the heat of the day and from what Rich said the show was like a comedy and music routine,..hehe I get a little loopy sometimes,.. And also it was one of those nights where, after the show, we got a chance to hang out with our 2 new friends from the PA singer/songwriter festival, Bob and Audrey, who were super cool, and got a chance to just laugh and chat and turn each other on to new music,..we were there hours after the show ended,..and actually got lovingly booted out when the time came to close up shop,.. As a matter of fact, Bob is a big Todd Rundgren fan and sent just sent me an mp3 of a tune off of Todd's latest record, "Liars" It's pretty cool! Of course, anyone who is a Rundgren fan is an instant friend of mine,.. so,..needless to say, we all hit it off,.. So tonight we'll be traveling back to PA to play in Harrisburg and Danville. I'll let you know how it goes,.. other than that,..nothing really new,.. BUT, I do have a Birthday party coming up soon,..check out the gig page for more details and maybe you can come and celebrate with me! blessed be d
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hey all! Sorry for the delay in keeping you updated,..I'm starting to get those emails from people wondering whether i'm alive or just negligent in my news writing duties,.. truth be told,.. i've been a little pre-occupied with general life issues,.. but have no fear! All is good in Barbarita-ville! Rich and I played some great fun shows this past month, most notably at my FAV coffeehouse in NJ, Espresso Joe's in Keyport! I've been writing some new material too! here's some new info: 1st review of "Chaos & Congeniality" is back! Big kisses and Hugs go out to Heather Corcoran of here's the link: big SHOUT OUT goes out to Tom Bingham of WCVF, Fredonia University, last week he added "Fractured" to his playlist on his uber-popular show, "General Eclectic". As some of you know, our WSOU sponsored show in Jersey City was cancelled at the last minute, but don't dispair! "Q" and I are talking about some alternate venues and looking to book another show sometime in October. Details will be posted on the gig page once things are confirmed! Big thanks goes out to "Q" for thinking of us! Next week we'll be in central PA, and I've been a booking fool for the last month. We'll be playing in Boston and the New England area, in the DC area and doing some local NYC shows throughout the month of September and October. I'll do my best to keep you all up to date! stay cool! blessed be d
MONDAY, JULY 4, 2005
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HAPPY 4TH OF JULY EVERYONE! I'm hanging out in my brother's room, i hacked into his computer,.hehehe silly PC people, and their silly passwords,... j/k he actually gave me his password,..but i used my big sister powers of deception to get it out of him,.. anyhoo,..we're going shopping with my mom in a bit,..getting ready for the big family BBQ! and crazy enough the weather in DE is actually not so bad,.usually it's like walking out into a wet sticky stinky hot blanket in the summertime, it's rather nice,.. So,.as most of you know we spent the last few days in DC with my best buddy from high school, Mark and his g-friend, Jen,.. We had a BLAST! man,..I went to bed early last night,..i was so tired, well and sorta hungover too from sipping on girly drinks,..yes yes, i strayed fom the usual jaegermeister goodness,..I actually got 2 "iced cappuchinos" and a jaeger,.. i wasn't drunk by any stretch but i woke up to a massive headache. stupid girlydrinks,..I should've known better,..but then, you know they were good going down! So the synapsis,.. We got to the coffee perk early,..about 5pm. It was a crazy hot and humid day. The coffee perk is a pretty awesome place,..I have to admit it wasn't what i expected. What I expected was your typical (ala U of DE, Main street) college town thing,..everything is close together, lots of shops with overpriced birkenstocks and cheap pizza, $2 pitchers, know the drill,..Well College Park isn't exactly that way, everything is pretty spread out. The college Perk was on a main highway in an old victorian house. It was very cool and they make a mean latte'. I can't say the boston cream pie was heavenly, but i dont' really like it anyway,..(inside joke) anyhoo,.. the show went really well, it was kinda hot and humid still in the evening Kelsey's bus broke down on his way to DC, which is funny now, but not when i was pacing back and forth at coffee perk wondering where he was,..hehe (his cell isn't working). He did finally arrive a tad flustered, but happy to be there nonetheless,.. My friend Mark showed a little earlier, I finally got meet his G-friend Jen and her brother Jay. I havent' seen Mark in,..what 8 years i think? I'm so glad we had the chance to hang out. We all hung out after the show,..I had a long conversation with my new friend Paul on the intracacies of boston cream pie, and 20th century composition,.then we all headed back to Mark's place. Jen and I went out on the deck and did the girly talk thing. Juicy details, and what-not,. :) Mark and Jen got a small bottle of Jaeger just for the occasion,..we sat out there until about 5am! chatting and sipping away! We wound up in the living room where rich and kelsey and mark and Jay had been watching the dave chapelle DVD. I got sucked into it, and well,..I went to bed around 6:30aM. You know, I got Dave Chappelle mixed up with someone else (no not Chris Rock) But man, He's a funny dude! The puff daddy skit, making the band, had me on the floor, (hip-hop flashbacks) hehe and the "white people can't dance" skit with John Mayer and Amir,..that was out of control! So, now I too can say I'm a dave chapelle fan,..The deed is done,.. Needless to say,..Rich and I never made it to the Native American museum. We woke up late,..probably later had Mark not come in to remind us of our plans,.. So reluctantly we got up but wound up hanging out all afternoon. Mark took us out to a cool spot (i can't remember the name right now) for dinner and drinks. He recommended it as a place to play,..and then we all went to DC to get Kelsey on his chinatown bus back to the city. Chinatown in DC is much different than I expected. there's not a whole lot around there,.. but the entrance way is very pretty. And the metro is soooo clean! Oh my,.. carpeted floors even! and padded seats! A very comfy ride! Kelsey's bus, we thought left at 11pm,..however, there was no 11pm bus to be found, so he wound up getting on the 2am bus,.which brings us full circle to yesterdays massive headache from girly drinks. All in all, our trip to DC; our stay with Mark was too short. I wish we had another couple of days,..However, 2 days is better than no days, so on this point I'll be counting my blessings. Rich and Kelsey and I have sworn to be uber tour guides and have made Mark and Jen promise they'll be visiting us in NYC in the Fall, so we can return the favor of their hospitality. I'm hoping they do cuz i miss them already! You know this year has been awesome in terms of traveling and seeing old friends,..There was Shannon From DE who came to our show in Philly, Everytime we come to DE we make it a point to visit my best friend Jen, We visited with Andy in Atlanta, Molly, Jairo and Emma in Nashville, didn't get to see Celia in St Louis this year, (but hopefully soon!), and now Mark in DC. We're pretty lucky! It makes me all reflective and corny. But I'm happy to say I've got some of the best friends in the whole world. I wish I could see them all ALL the time, but,..since we're all spread out, I'll take the couple times a year when I can get them. Touring, in some ways, has become an alterior motive. I know where my good friends are and I book gigs in certain areas just to make sure we'll be able to visit them! I can't complain, it's a charmed life in many respects,.. So, if I missed any juicy details, I'm sure Mark will remind me! Oh, and if you're reading this, Mark, I miss you lots and it was awesome to see you! BIG SHOUT OUT and a BIG Thank you to Mark and Jen for sharing their home with us! I'm hoping we'll be able to reciprocate real soon! kisses!
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hi mark! looking forward to seeing you tomorrow in DC!!!! (now you can't say I didn't mention you, ever) :)
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FINALLY! there is hope! For the gals out there who are always obsessing over whether they are pretty or skinny enough, here's the site for you! Dove soap (now I'm not really into endorsements, but,..whatever, they have the only commercial soap product that doesn't turn me into a shriveled up mass of dry skin OR break me out in hives, I'm so sensitive,..) has a new ad campaign to help young girls and women of all ages start realizing that being skinny or "looking perfect" isn't a cure-all for happiness or success. sheesh,'s about time someone figured that out! I was beginning to think I was the only one who realized all of this blather is really about selling PRODUCT; whether it be make-up or weight loss drugs or well,..fill in the blank,.. of course, Dove has just won my support, and I already buy their product (see aforementioned addendum) but now I don't feel so bad about it,..hehehehe That's not to say, that every woman shouldn't strive to be the best "you" you can be, rather, the ad campaign stresses that EVERY WOMAN IS BEAUTIFUL despite the fact that she may not be anorexic and only talented enough to look sexy for the camera, as is the general trend. Add to that, an underlying theme that body image shouldn't be tied to self-esteem. What you DO matters! WHO you are MATTERS! Finally someone in the mass media is saying something that makes sense,.. that's my little rant for the day,.. thank you Dove! For finally "trying" to de-bunk the beauty myth! This goes out to all of my beautiful friends and family out there who may think they're trolls, but really are absolutely gorgeous when they allow themselves to believe it!
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DAG NABBIT! i forgot in my last "all about me" update to mention that Jen/ed's album "Exposed" {which is totally awesome, and I'm not saying that just because she and I worked together at kampo, it really is awesome!} is not only available at, but it's also available for downloading at! You can hear a little of the "alternate-ego me" as I did some of the background music and sound fx-ie soundscape stuff behind her spoken word artistry {which is truly inspiring,..} I betcha didn't know this,..even though it'll probably take forever,.I've started working on a secret project,.. a whole album of "bowed guitar/oscillator/chanty bit/2bit programming/someone else's drum loops cuz I suck at programming/gooddrumloopafterall" alter-ego stuff under an assumed name which will most likely sell better than anything else because people like that kinda stuff,.. So, that I've broken a deep trust with myself by telling you that little secret,..{I mean, I'll probably never talk to myself again after this,..} Why are you still here? go to and listen to Jen/ed's CD,.. sheesh! it's not like you have to GO anywhere,..just sit there like you are, and "Boop" google search just like that,.. it's easy! you can come back if you want,..I'm not going anywhere,.. search,.. (Jen/ed) (google) or just go to iTunes or CDBaby,.. go!
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hey all! go to this station on live He's playing "Hush Hush"! (Actually he just played it about 15 minutes ago,..alas, i missed it,..I still have yet to hear my own songs pumping over the airwaves,..well, with the exception of my actually being in the studio while a tune is playing,..) one day, day,..ONE day,..i have this pipe dream right? that I'll be in the car humming along to some tune, then WHAM, there's one of my songs,..out in,..I dunno,..somewhere,..well, actually i'd be pretty excited if it happened in NYC too,..or one day I turn on a TV show and there it is,..a kissing scene or something with one of my silly songs in the background,..I can picture myself leaning in and saying, "Rich, Rich? RI-I-I-CH?!?!?! (he comes out of a snooze) I ask, "is that me back there underneath the dialogue?" and he'll say,.."turn it up! I can't hear it" {cuz he's a drummer} and I'll turn it up,..of course by this time the scene is over and I've missed the moment,..but,..I can forsee this happening in the very near future,.. {imagining the possibility} oh! i almost forgot in my sudafed haze,.. log on to DJ Mickey Spectrum from jolly ol' England is playing "Hush Hush" too! (I mean that in the nicest way possible, no it isn't a dig, I promise!) You know what that means? I think people like it! that's pretty cool,.. i like that people like that song, and want to listen to it,..that makes me happy,.. {are you happy happy?? hehehe well, I can tell you that i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i am!} hehe get it?? yeah yeah that's all i wanted to say,.. g-nite!
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DEBUT IN HAWAII! BIG thanks go out to DJ Nocturna from 90.3 KTUH in Honolulu! She hosts a show every sat night on KTUH from 6p-9p (Hawaii time) called "A Feast of Friends". She added "In Pieces" to her playlist on June 11th, 2005! Thanks Nocturna! For all of you folks NOT in Hawaii, you can listen to her show every sat via the website:
FRIDAY, JUNE 17, 2005
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All i can say is "WOW"! Last night, we celebrated our CD release party,.. Many thanks go out to Jen/ed and Angela Jimenez, Kelli Durham and Pandora Scooter! Absolutely fantastic artists and they're all super cool women to boot! BIG THANK YOU AND CONGRATS to Jen/ed. I was so honored to be part of the recording process for her brand spanking new CD, "Exposed". ( Her CD is absolutely awesome (i'm not saying that just because i recorded/mixed it,.. it really is top-notch!) You should be so proud! I know i am! Jen put the show together, lined up the artists,..she's awesome,..what a great night! I want to thank my wonderful band members and special guests! to David, Jay, Rich, Karen, and Kelsey,..i don't even know what to say,.."Awesome job" doesn't even cut it,..I don't know what i'd do without you! kiss kiss! To kenny, you rock and i love you to pieces! Thanks for playing "merch man"! To the folks at Galapagos, especially Z and Julian,..great job! Sound was great and everybody left happy! and HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who came out to celebrate with us! I felt so much love! You guys are awesome! some little special thanks,.. To Michelle, I'm glad we met and I'm glad I was able to set you "Happy Happy" again! (I promise I won't forget you!) To Michaela, thanks for coming out again! I was so happy to see you! To Cathy, you were sooo nice and i hope to see you again! To my best buddy Michael! you're awesome! big hugs and love to you! Thanks for making the trip out! To everyone else who I may have missed (or didn't meet face to face) Thanks for coming out to join the joyous occasion,..THANK YOU! more news to come! d
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PRE-ORDER YOUR COPY OF CHAOS & COGENIALITY AT AMAZON TODAY! yup,.. official release date is June 30th, but you can pre-order as many as you like at amazon from today until june 30th! check it out! GOT YOUR COPY YET??? feel free to tell the world what you think! write a review at CDBaby OR Amazon!
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!!!!!!!!!!! BIG SHOUT OUT AND THANK YOU GOES TO......(drum roll please) "Q" at 89.5 WSOU! host of "No Man's Land" (which airs every Tuesday from 10p-12am) We had an awesome time hanging with Q last night at the station (she's a pretty kickin' violin player too!) For those of you who missed the on air interview, we were on for a whole hour! here are the tunes she played: from "Chaos and Congeniality": Hush Hush Happy Happy In Pieces For what it's worth The last Breakdown from "Beauty Lied" (her personal fav) It's what you said In July Make sure to catch her show every tuesday! She's got an awesome mix of music on her show! if you're out of the NYC/NJ area stream from here---> oh, and don't forget to request your fav tune! that's it for now!
FRIDAY, JUNE 10, 2005
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"CHAOS AND CONGENIALITY" is now available at! here's the link! GOT YOUR COPY YET???? Make sure to tell the world what you REALLY think! write a review of either Chaos & Congeniality or Beauty Lied at CDBaby! New website updates are happening as we speak! Check in in the next week or so,..things will look a little different!
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I saw this editorial in the NYTimes today and thought I'd share it,.. Cold White Peas Published: June 7, 2005 Today new albums from Coldplay, the Black Eyed Peas and the White Stripes hit the stores. If you needed to be told that, then you are probably not part of the target audiences for these very popular bands. Just how big those audiences are is a matter of some concern in the music industry, which is showing unmistakable signs of languishing. Some sources report a drop of 15 percent of total sales since 2000; others say it is a 7 percent drop over the past year alone. Record companies and retailers alike are hoping that today's sales are a blowout for all three albums - Norah Jones times three. That would be good for the weekly figures and the bottom line, but it would really do nothing to change the feeling that something is terribly wrong in the music business. The unease was palpable a month ago when the Warner Music Group went public, to a lukewarm response from Wall Street. Perhaps there was something about seeing Jimmy Page, guitar in hand, in the gallery above the trading floor that made even hardened traders queasy. But it was probably the performance of Warner Music - and the sector as a whole - that gave investors second thoughts. The music industry loves to blame its problems on digital piracy, a case that has yet to be fully proved. The real problem is an addiction to blockbusters, and that is what today is all about - feeding the monster this industry has become. These days there are more musicians and bands than there have ever been, and there are still plenty of music-buying fans. Together, they are discovering alternative means of connecting with each other. The big record companies continue to insist that the only route to profitability is blockbuster sales of a few titles, and the result is all too predictable - music that matters more for how it sells than how it sounds.
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Oh, and I almost Forgot,.. CDs ARE IN! (ahem) sorry for yelling,.. I think I mentioned this before,.. CDs will be available at in a matter of days. CDs will be available on in a few weeks CDs will be avvailable at participating records stores in a few weeks CDs will be available at participating Tower Records stores in the NYC area in a few weeks! Songs will be available for download at iTunes in just a few weeks! HarrisRadio and RadioCrystalBlue are playing songs from the CD already! (Thanks Pete! Thanks Dan!) Breaking news!!!! Live On-Air radio interview with "yours truly" on 89.5 WSOU! (yeah, I know, most people think it's just a metal station, BUT IT'S NOT!) I will be on the air with WSOU DJ, Q. She host the program "No Man's Land" So, go sit by your radio on Tuesday, JUNE 14th at 10pm! GOTO: to stream live on the internet! (can't beat that!) there's more exciting news but I'm not going to jinx it by blurting it out too soon! more to come,..
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It is SOOOO good to be home! We got back last sunday, but i feel like i've only been home for a couple of days,.. argh! We had an awesome time out,.. We had a great time in Greenville, SC with Leslie Berry! (the home of pretty perky soccor moms wearing pastels and pumps who dream of picking peaches for Jesus) <---That was my line,..getting delerious in the car,.. Ray at Coffee Underground was a pleasure to talk to, as always, and a gracious host! Leslies's performance was great, as was Kelsey's,..they said I was good too,..but i dont' want to get a big head over ONE good show, you know? lol lol After the show, Ray took us over to his new found pride and joy,.. the city of Greenville has been going through a transformation, it seems. They have a brand new suspension bridge only for pedestrians over a natural waterfall. It really was beautiful and I'm glad Ray took the time to show us! Kelsey didn't see it seeing that he was busy flirting with some local skirts, but he missed out,..maybe,..I can't remember whether he got a number, We had a great time in Chapel hill as well! Old friends came out to hang with us,..missy and Tom, our friends from the Tori Tribute shows. We played to a packed house! I think Missy likes Kelsey,..I think she does,.. hehe We stayed the night with Tom, and even despite the fact the Kelsey totally rained on Tom's Aimee Mann parade, the next day, we initiated Kelsey to Mama Dips,..serious soul food! Tom is so awesome, he noticed "mama dip" herself was there and arranged for us to have our picture taken with her. How cool is that? She was so so sweet! I was so happy to have met her. That photo will definatly be in the tour diary! once again we had to go, but we had a splendid time! Thanks to Tom and Missy and Ray and Leslie and everyone who came to the shows! I was especially happy to have some time to hang out with one of my best friends from college in Decatur, Andy. There's never enough time, although we did have a conversation that started with aspects of human nature, to the dawn of civilization, the creation of religion, it's necessity in a society that requires order, and finally to evolution and my dissertation of the laws of nature,..4 am isn't necesarily the best time to have that talk, was fun, don't get me wrong,..but Andy's favorite phrase for the night was, "why?" "how did you come to that conclusion", "why?" hehehehe he got me to a breaking point where I screamed "dammit, evolution is just a theory!" lol never thought i'd say that,.. hehe But it reminded me of the long talks we had in times past,..makes me miss him more now that I'm home. ah well,.. I do have friends here in NYC to call on when i need a fresh debate on political issues and the laws of nature vs. the laws of man,.. anyhoo,.. so we're here,..and we're off again to the PA singer/songwriter festival this weekend in Milton. This year it'll be held at a campground andd a bunch of my buddies are coming along! no sleep for the weary that's for sure! In attendence there's my favorite singer in the world, Frank and his better half, Cat,..then my good friend Michael, and of course, Kelsey, my better half Rich, and maybe my friend Val and her better half Keith. So it'll be a blast, no doubt! more to come!
TUESDAY, MAY 17, 2005
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FINALLY!!!! Are you ready for the big news???? "Chaos and Congeniality" has arrived! I got the first box shipped to me today! Those of you who have pre-orders reserved will get an Email from me with instructions on how to get your signed copies! Those of you who have not pre-ordered and wish to do so, Email me and you will get an email with instructions! Email me here: Cds will be available online at and and within the next few weeks. I'll be sure to let you know! Today, we're leaving for Nashville,..(everything always happens at the last minute,..) We'll be doing a short 2 week jaunt through the south, once again,.. We were in North Carolina last week doing a bunch of shows for Indie Music for Life, with singer/songwriters, Allison Tartalia, Danielle Miraglia (whose new CD is AWESOME!) and Vicki Blankenship. I also got to meet the girls of Someone's Sister who were awfully sweet and lovely! check the calander for details! play by play is on the way,. I'm giddy! and it's a beautiful day to boot! you'll hear from me in 2 weeks! denise
TUESDAY, MAY 17, 2005
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ANNOUNCING: Indie Sounds NY - the only monthly publication focusing on the NYC Indie Music Scene! Pick it up at music venues across NYC, or download it from BIG thanks goes out to Pete Harris of Harris Radio and senior editor of IndieSoundsNY! Check out the May 2005 edition with the big article on little ol' me on page 5! CLICK ON THIS LINK FOR DIRECT ACCESS!
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it just keeps getting better as time goes on,.. weather is warmer, sun is shining,..ahhhh What a great time we had in Ohio! We did 3 shows in 2 days and it was a blast! EXTRA SPECIAL Thanks goes out to Missy Broderick for putting together the Amnesty International Benefit show at Wesleyan College, We had a great time and I'm proud to have been a part of the festivities! Extra Special Thanks goes out to Myke Rock for inviting us to play for his monthly showcases in Columbus! And a BIG hello goes out to all of the awesome performers and new friends we met in Columbus! We were so amazed at the level of artistry/talent exhibited by all of the performers we performed with! Great songs, great people! It just doesn't get better than that folks! OH YEAH,..And in Ohio, Jaegermeister is only $3.00 a shot (hint hint $7.50/shot NYC clubs,..sheesh! That's 2 for the price of one!) Yet another reason to visit Columbus more often! Actually, these shows were THE quintessential perfect excuse to visit my family in Columbus as well! )not that we need an excuse, but it is pretty far,..) We stayed an extra day on Sunday and got the chance to catch up on some sleep, laugh and chat , gossip, and play softball with my cousins, Emily and Meagan. We had an awesome time! My Uncle makes a killer pasta sauce and my cousins are growing like weeds! Seems like it was yesterday the girls were little chubby cheeked cherubs still in diapers,..funny how time flies! Next thing you know they'll be teenagers, or worse,..(gasp) adults,..{sigh} (not so fast!) My cousin Emily invited some of her friends over and we recorded them singing "girls just wanna have fun" What a blast! I loved it! And they all did such an awesome job! All in all, it was an awesome weekend,..I wish my aunt and uncle lived closer,..It seems every time we go out to Ohio, we always leave wishing we had one more day to spendwith them,..whaaa Hopefull it won't take us another year to get out there again,..and considering we have so many new friends to visit now, I'm sure we'll get out there sonner than later,.. any new news?? well,.. OK,..i'll say it one last time,..The CD is almost done,..yessireee,'s been shipped out to the Oasis CD Manufacturer to be mass produced, and (hopefully) will be shipped back to me before we pack our bags and hit the road to Nashville towards the end of May. CDs should be available on and by mid- June. phew! i think that's pretty goods news, don't you? Sorry kids,..I'm beat,..I'll add more soon,..I just wanted to make sure I included another news item before I started getting emails from a certain someone in DC telling me to get with the program,..Apparantly, my Aunt Kathy was happy to hear that someone else ALSO thought I took too long between updates,..hehehehehehe I make jokes, yes, but it's nice to know people are reading! oh and one last thing,..something to ponder,.. what is the deal with those little fish on the backs of cars? there were SOOOO many,.i've seen them here in NYC, but I saw many more out there, that supposed to mean something? they're made of metal it looks like? is that an extra charge? Does it mean the dealer is Christian or something? or that the driver is? and what's the deal with "how's my driving" stickers on the back of 18 wheelers? Usually their driving is scary,..Why even joke about it? Big ol' trucks flying past you at 90 miles an hour with signs that say "Dangerous: hazardous materials" and such,..Who has the time to call the number to report every truck driver playing chicken with unsuspecting cars or cutting us off or driving at the speed of light with an oversized load in the mountains of PA on route 80, god, you'd rack up all of your daytime minutes,..crazy right? there should be a law,..trucks shouldn't be allowed to drive in the mountains of PA on route 80 over a certain speed, while our right wing freakazoids in congress are trying to turn the country into a totalitarian state,..they're missing issues that make a difference to the everyday touring musician and other normal people in the country who are constantly endangered while driving,.. crazy truck drivers,..hmpf,.. and that's all for now zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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hello all! So my friend Mark in the DC area says I'm not updating my "news" frequently enough for his taste,..says he's tired of reading about decapitated chickens,..hehe that's cool,.. So this one's for you Mark! what's new? argh,.. we're still putting the finishing touches on the new CD. Almost there,..painfully almost there,.. we've hit a bit of a snag on the cover art,.as it's not fitting in the space allotted,..So,..back to the drawing board on that one,..Kristine is scrambling to send me some more cover art ideas while Val tirelessly tries to figure out if she can make the one I want to fit,.. bugger,.. We did an awesome bunch of shows in the past few weeks,.. We traveled to Philly to do a show at the new World Cafe' live,..i was a kid in a candy store,..I grew up listening to WXPN,..that and 9494 WYSP,..and WMMR,..those were my top 3,..whenever we're in the DE area, I chomp at the bit until that funny fuzzy stuff starts around Trenton,..then I get busy turning the dial to 88.1,..So visiting the new WXPN home, where the World cafe live venue is located, was a treat. This gig was an Indie Music for life show, Allison Tartalia, Kevin So, Vicki Blankenship and I all were on the bill,..We had an awesome time! Vicki called me the night before to ask me to fill in for her for the afternoon show as she caught a bad case of bronchitis, we showed up and allison and I played to a hungry lunch crowd,.. My parents and my brother and his girlfriend all came from DE to support the show,..which in many ways was an awesome thing, albeit a little nerve-racking as my parents haven't been in the same room in months. I also had a big surprise when a few friends from High school showed up! how cool is that? So, not only was that a great distraction from wondering whether my parents would be comfortable sitting where my brother precariously placed them (10 yards from each other,..sheesh!), but it was great to see my old buddies and have a drink with them,..unfortunatly, we didnt' have a chance to REALLY catch up,..there never is enough time in the day is there? The show was awesome! the crowd was awesome! However, I have a bone to pick with the Philadephia Art museum! Earlier in the day, after our afternoon lunch show,..Rich and I were all excited to see the Dali exhibit at the Philadephia art museum,..We got there somewhat late, and were told that the museum closed in 1/2 an hour, but we could purchase the full price ticket to get in,..what is that?? $20 for a 1/2 hour? nuts if you ask me,..we declined and wound up singing the "Rocky" theme while running up the steps of the museum (like in the movie) So turns out Rich had a gig to do in Philly over the Easter weekend,..We decided to go back to philly to see the exhibit and then go spend Easter sunday with Mom,..(who was very happy to see us, I may add) Anyhoo,..We get to the museum at noon on sat,..stand in line for 20 minutes only to have a snooty smug security dude inform us all that the Dali exhibit was SOLD OUT until monday,..SOLD OUT! what???? how can that be?? SOLD OUT?? how can an exhibit be sold out?? I protested,.."do you know who I am??" hehehe he said no, and it wouldn't matter anyway because the exhibit is sold out,.. (this didn't really happen, but sometimes you have to add a little zing to a story right?) I DID pull the "but we came all the way from NYC expressly to see the exhibit,..we're leaving tomorrow,.." he didn't care,..sorrry ma'am,..he really called me ma'am,.. :buttmunch: i thought silence,..I was trying to figure out a way to jimmy our way in,.. then another woman rushed the smug security guard and said, "I'm from NYC, I just drove 4 hours to come to this exhibit! My husband contributes a lot of money to this museum! We're members!" he said, "sorry ma'am" just as smugly,.."do you have advance tickets?" :buttmunch: i thought,..(but did sort of feel better that he didn't let HER in either,..) oh well,..another disappointed New yorker at the door, I wanted to hold out my hand and offer condolences,..but she didn't look like the type who would be interested,..She got really irrate though,.. "I want to speak with a manager,..This is outrageous!" bla bla bla all tricks of the trade,..He wasn't buying her story,.. although due to what looked like "over-botoxing" she looked almost serene,..even though her eyes were shooting daggers at the security dude,..she persisted in her appeals and was ultimately turned away in a huff,..that was interesting,..worth the 2 mile walk,.. maybe not,.. Rich was ready to just get a ticket for the rest of the museum,.I decided to boycott the museum altogether in protest and we proceeded to the franklin institute down the street where we bought a $3 cold stale pretzel (which was surprising good) and walked through the big giant heart, then watched an IMAX movie,.."Secrets of the Nile" that was pretty cool,..i got some "pop rocks" too,.. so we had a great time despite the stupid philly art museum's Dali exhibit being sold out,..that's my bone to pick,.. let me resort to being a 12 year old for a minute: "Hey Philly art museum,..the Met is cooler than you! THEY woudn't turn people away and say an exhibit is sold out,..They can handle crowds! The met won't charge you $10 when the museum is closing in a 1/2 hour,..THEY have a "suggested" donation policy, there,..YOU just can't handle the pressure,..HA! silly philly art museum,..i shun you! You don't even have a hall of Knights in shining armour! The MET does,..and anyway, there's a BIG Museum dedicated to Dali in St Petersburg FL,..I'd rather go there,..silly Philly art museum with your smug little guards who think they're really cool when they're not! The Met has better guards who are much nicer! I shun you twice! so there! hmpf!" I'm done now,.. So, that was the Philly trip,.. We did a great show over the weekend at the NJ Pride Center in New Brunswick. Man, what an awesome place! We were worried that the crowd would be light because of the HUGE RAIN STORM! but it wasn't too bad,.We did a 2 hour set to an awesome attentive crowd, a chance to hang with some AWESOME people,..And there was a visual artist there who does some amazing work,..She basically uses singer/songwriter's lyrics and incorporates them into her artwork, cool is that? So, you may be seeing some cool artwork with my lyrics attached at some point in the future! I'm hoping we can work together in the coming months,. Which brings us to the present moment,..It's 2:51 AM. I've lost an hour of my life this week due to daylight savings time, and I'm really upset by that,.. not really,.. but i do need my beauty rest,.. Vicki is staying with us until tomorrow night,..We went out tonight for a lovely dinner at a tibetan restaurant in the East village with the always lovely, JenEd. Then we walked over to Magnolia bakery on the far west village (penance for the damage we were about to do to our bodies) and got some of those famous cupcakes,.. and now I'm at home staring at a computer screen checking my spelling,.. I'm busy booking some dates for the late Spring summer, so check back often to see whether we're playing near you! till next time! d
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phew! a whirlwind time is being had! busy busy busy,.. running around like a chicken with my head cut off,.. any more cliche's I can use? (And has anyone actually seen a chicken running with it's head cut off?) a euphamism for a different time, I suppose.. that's enough i think,.. It's been super busy getting to the last bits of work on the new CD,...Everything is mixed, the masters are now in the hands of mastering engineer, Alan Silverman,..who is most likely already working hard making the album all shiny and bright like a newly minted penny! (but hopefully not too bright, ...eng. note) :) We got our photos done too! There are some awesome solo shots and some even more awesome band shots,.. Our photographer extraordinaire was Christopher Dawson,..He did an awesome job along with make-up artist, Roman,..They were the best team ever,..I can't say I've ever been happier with looking at pictures of ME! eek, it's usually like chinese water torture,.."ohhhh, not that one, my eyes look bug-eyed,..oooh chin roll-up action there, can't use that,..does that picture make my butt look big??, is one of my eyes bigger than the other??, ohh my, can see right up my nose there" etc etc,..hehehe you know how it is,.. ever increasing scrutiny in an age where women need to look like concentration camp survivors,.. are airbrushed to the point of being unrecognizable as human beings, and being the least bit imperfect, assymetrical or {gasp} "Fat" in America is akin to having a bad case of leprosy,..eeeewwww it is what it is,..pretty sick when you dwell on the subject really,'s a slavery mentality,..corporate slave mentality,.."keep 'em believing that thin is in and wrinkles are bad and they'll make us rich buying snake oil diet pills and "beauty creams" made of recycled cooking oil!!!!" everyone does it,..we all buy into the hype from time to time,..we're all a slave to the man! hehehehe (i just saw "the school of Rock", bear with me) but, you know? I am who I am, there's nothing to hide,..we're all beautiful,..don'cha think? i do,.. (Especially when you have Christopher and Roman treating you like a star,.they made it easy and fun and light,..all the things it should be,.. i FELT like a star,..they were awesome!) Anyhoo, that my Rock star fashion fantasies are complete, We've been working hard rehearsing and getting ourselves ready for all these upcoming shows,.. We're doing ALOT of shows,..some duo (me and Rich on the zarb, that cool pakastani drum that's been dubbed "the holy grail") and some local full band shows as well. Most of the shows are in conjunction with Indie Music For Life,..some are just plain ol' shows,.. So, needless to say, I've got my hands full,.. This coming week, I'll be meeting with the uber amazing graphic designer (and one of my closest friends in Gotham) , Valerie Wagner,..She designed our last package, and as most of you know , it was awesome! I have no doubt we'll have the same situation with "Chaos and Congeniality". What fun! The cover artwork is being supplied by Kristine D Paige. The piece is part of her "underwater women" collection,.. Then it'll be a free for all! chock full- o- fun booking extravaganza,..Gearing up for the mid-west tour, and meeting with publicists and sending CDs out to radio and all that mess,..i don't like that part so much,..I've actually been procrastinating a little,..but it must get done, i guess,..{sigh} The most fun for me is actually getting out on the road and playing in different towns and cities,..meeting all sorts of cool people,..I'm SOOOO looking forward to going out to the mid-west and visiting my 2nd favorite city in the US, St Louis! Add the extra benefit that my buddy Celia lives there, and voila! (IMAGINE A BIG HAND GESTURE THERE) it's a big fun sandwich with lots of sweet pickles! yum yum! and that's the news for now,.. more to come! anyone want to start a countdown?? ah-ah-ah 1 day ah ah ah 2 day ah ah ah 3? how many days before "Chaos and Congeniality" hits the shelves? soon soon, very soon,..
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Well well another year over and another one begun! I've been a busy busy bee this last few weeks! (Not that I'm complaining,..) So what's new?? Well,.. I want to begin by letting you know about an organization I've been involved with called Indie Music For Life. visit the website! Basically, it's the brainchild of singer/songwriter/cancer survivor, Vicki Blankenship. She's based out of Wilmington, NC. The premise for the organization is to raise money for cancer research though music events featuring indie artists ffrom all over the country. That's the short story. I have been helping out with booking in a couple cases,..But she is definately the driving force behind the shows. I'm really excited about part of this organization and urge all of you to visit the website to get more information. She also has a compilation CD available for sale. ("It's What You Said" is featured on the compilation) All of the proceeds from CD sales goes directly to cancer research organizations. There are many fine artists featured on the CD. I'm honored to be one of the lucky few. I have also been busy booking some shows for the upcoming tour. Looks like we'll be on the road in May this year, with some short jaunts to Ohio and N. Carolina in April. I'm also working closely with NYC singer/songwriter, Allison Tartalia and spoken word artist, Jennifer Edwards (aka jened) in putting together a tour that incorporates the grassroots political organization, Democracy for America. I'm fired up this year folks! I hope you are too! I'll keep you posted on the details as they come, as it's still in the planning stages,.. We're hoping our tour, (the working title is "Music Changes Everything"), becomes a fun forum incorporating live music, an introduction to the ideals of DFA, and discussion of issues from ALL points of view, not just a "political rally" where the idea of "you're either with us or against us" is the modus operandi; A forum for empowering people of all ages to get involved in their local communities. I hope that people will leave wanting to do SOMETHING to make their local communities stronger. Whatever that is, is up to them. Lord knows, it's easy to sit at home complaining about things. My hope is, that instead of complaining about issues that affect your community or the nation or the world as a whole, you may just find something you're passionate about and start DOING something. Sure, it takes work, sure it takes commitment,..sure, you have a hectic life, do I,..But looking around, I've noticed there are no voices in the mainstream who represent my voice, artists who are out there getting their voices heard, no "voices of a generation", ala Bob Dylan or Joan Baez, or Joni Mitchell,..etc etc,..I know those artists are out there,..(We'll find them and bring them to you!) So,..I decided it's time to get off my butt and get out there and start DOING. Democracy for America is an organization that I truly believe in, and if I can help to get the word out and even raise money to help them continue their work,..I'm happy. Check out the website: What else?? I'm happy to announce that we're 95% done with the new CD, "Chaos and Congeniality" 9 songs mixed, 1 almost ready to mix. There will be a few special guest "appearances". My longtime friend, Karen Hogg, added some waaay cool mandolin parts to "Appleseed" and "Hold On". Kelsey Warren from The Pillow Theory added some awesome additional guitars and vocals to the epic album cut, "the Last Breakdown". Steele Hillier added some mucho suave fretless bass for "Appleseed" as well. And of course the album features my main crew (the best band in the world IMHO), Rich Kulsar on drums, Jason Wallenstein on bass, and David Weintraub doing his brand of guitar meets outer space. David has been an influential force in getting a few tunes on this CD realized. Most notably, "Hush Hush" and "The Last Breakdown". He'll be listed as co-producer for those 2 tracks. He and Rich have been a huge help in terms of being the voices of sanity while mixing the album,..basically they show up to the studio at a point in time when I'm ready to erase everything,.. hehe that's what happens when you mix your own tracks, get crazy, hear every mistake you made,..every track you could have played better, or sung better,..every wrong note,..every phrase that you could have written better,..every song just starts to suck after 6 hours of listening to it over and over,..hehehe eh? I had hoped to have the CD in stores by March,.. ah well The CD WILL BE out by May at the latest. I'd rather it take a little longer and be done right than cut corners. I'm sure you'll all appreciate that. Anyone interested in pre-orders can contact me directly. The live album is also still sitting on my hard drive waiting for some love from it's creator,.. hehe There will be 2 awesome remixes of "Beauty Lied" included on the album. I just got the cover artwork for the live CD from Jennifer Dewald. It's totally awesome! She drew a quick sketch of the band playing at Cafe 111 back in October. She touched it up a bit and voila! I have cover art. Of course, the cover art for "Chaos and Congeniality" is a piece by my soundandvision partner in crime, Kristine d Paige. And that's the skinny. I hope all of your dreams come true for 2005! GET OUT THERE AND MAKE SOME NOISE!!!! till next time,.. d
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LET ME GET IT OUT OF MY SYSTEM AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ahem,..that's better,.. It's been tough week,.. On election day,.Rich and I took a nice walk to the Library to cast our votes. In and out in 15 minutes flat,..very cool,.. I was filled with optimism and hope,..I went to the gym,..then went to the studio and did some cool stuff for a song called "Hold On", using some prepared piano tricks I learned at the Terry Riley show last month. Well,..At the gym I was glued to CNN,..huffing and puffing up a steep mountain on the treadmill (which always reminds me of climbing Mt. Tantalus in Hawaii, which is what generally keeps me going for an hour) watching the exit polls come in,.kerry leads! kerry leads!,..I was giddy! finally! no more tyrannical and puritanical rule! finally, the world will no longer be divided into "us vs. them", finally! I almost skipped all the way home,.. fast forward,. I'm at Kampo, dinner has arrived,..Chicken Pad Thai from my absolute favorite Thai joint in the east village,..I'm in heaven, I decide to find out what's going on and click on the TV,.. I was stunned,.. everything red,..what??? can't be no no I could see the eye of sauron burning from behind Dan Rather's head,.. not that I expected anything less than red in the southern and middle states,..that was a given really,..but Florida too? All those displaced NY'ers? no It can't be,.. ah but there's hope still,..Ohio hasn't been completely counted,.. or the western states,..surely there's hope,. that was around 8pm by the time I left Kampo, it was 2 AM,..I stayed up another couple hours after we got home,.. then woke up around the time when Kerry decided to concede,..bad dreams not withstanding,.. ugh what now? Granted, I actually voted for Howard Dean in the primaries,..he didn't win,..sadly,..ah well,..We were stuck with Kerry, and even though I wasn't over excited about him as a candidate,..he's at least better than the alternative,..Which of course is problem #1,..I know many people who felt the same way,.. well, first I was defeated,..sad,..dissolusioned,.. I went to every liberal web site I could find, every scathing article from overseas,...blogged every newsgroup I belong to along with other dissolusioned members,.. I thought about how much I enjoyed my time spent in Montreal,..reeling that I never learned French,.. I, along with everyone I knew, was devestated,.. well,..that was the first 3 days,..reality has set in,..whether any hanky panky will be uncovered regarding the diebold voting machines,..I guess we'll see,.. I made a decision a few nights ago,.. to be more active in my own way. To refuse to be complacent, to refuse to sit by and sulk,..I joined up as a volunteer to as well as Howard Dean's activist group, Democracy for America. I'm planning to put together a tour with other like minded musicians and artists, in the hopes that through our efforts we can raise money and awareness for these organizations,..try to get people involved in the process,..I think it will happen,.. and that's basically been my weekend, making an outline for my plans,.. It's going to be a lot of work, but you know,..Artists like me,..fiercely independent,..we are fighting 2 fronts, is making a decent living as an artist,..being able to express ourselves on our own terms rather than succumb to the "pop star= porn star" dumbed down detritus that plagues our airwaves,..and then we also fight against corporate ownership laws,..corporations like clear channel that aren't interested in playing anything that's not on their "top 100 repeated songs" list,..they own venues, hold a monopoly on ticket prices at those venues,..they suck up radio stations regionally and nationally, fire DJs,.. bla bla bla,..whose interests are they protecting? Their own,..As long as the profits are on the upswing,..they couldn't give a hoot,..and it seems as though a large percentage of the American public doesn't either,.. It's up to us to protect our individual rights of free speech, or free press,..If we allow Clear channel or Viacom to own everything, that means we'll only be getting the news those corporation's head executives will allow their reporters to write about,..and it'll be homogenized to the point of drivel,..just as the music they play,.. I, for one, want to try to make a difference,..whether I succeed or not, least I tried,.. and hopefully there are those of you out there who are willing to spend some time or effort to try to make a difference locally as well,.. it's better than living in denial and/or doing nothing,.. as my favorite band says,.."complain,'s so much easier" and it is,..
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hey kids! it's 2:53 Am on a thursday morning,.. I just got back home a while ago from seeing a show at BB King's,.. not just "a show" no I went to see my favorite band for the 15th time,.. who is my favorite band you may ask?? (drum rool please) King's X ahhhh as always they were superb and awesome and splendiferous,.. hehe and they played 3 of my absolute favorite tunes to boot! i bought a new T-shirt to replace my old "getting shredded" one,..always nice,.. I met this awesome woman at the show,..I tried to get a friend or two to come with me but everyone was busy,..But as luck would have it I now have a new friend, her name is Marybeth. We had an awesome time rocking out to King's X,..they had an eclectic set list,..I mean, they have at least 7 records by now,..(i've lost count,... bad fan, bad fan) but they played tunes from the first album all the way up to new tunes for their upcoming record (that isn't out yet) sigh why can't every band be as cool as King's X? I'm not saying other bands should BE/sound like them,..just be as cool,.. it remains my wish,..I'd have to say though,..Radiohead is a close second,.. IMHO anyway,.I've met some very cool people at King's X shows, of them being Rich,..He was playing for a band called Total sexual freedom and they opened for King's X when they played at Life in the village,..bla bla bla you know the story,.. and usually I meet up with friends I haven't seen in forever,..It's so nice to go to a show where people LOVE the band,'s awesome this time around I got a chance to take some pics and even got a few shots with the me and the individual band members,..for better or for worse,..hehe Here's me: {reverting back to a toothy grinning 15 year old geek} "uh,..doug you're just so cool, you're a huge inspiration" How does that happen? Why can we be eloquent and have all the right things to say when we're the ones on stage, but when it comes to meeting a fellow human being whom we admire in a huge way, we turn into complete dumb asses,..hehe miss eloquent finds the dumbest crap falling out of her mouth,..I'm surprised I didn't start drooling or didn't do the "spit while speak" routine, lol lol i think i said to Ty: "please please,..if you can manage it, when you come back to town,.don't play at Don Hill's!" hehe he laughed admitting that it's not their first choice as a NYC venue,..but still "open mouth, apply foot",..argh,.. no no i wasn't that bad,.I'm just exaggerating that feeling of "i'm not worthy",.. remember that from wayne's world? when they meet Aerosmith? same idea,..can somebody explain to me what this phenomena is?? (thinking) I'm trying to think of who would render me speechless,.. (pause for deep thought) kate bush for sure jimmy page and/or robert plant and/or john paul jones? bjork? Prince? Trent Reznor? sheesh yeah,..that would be a serious drool fest,..i'd probably just turn into a deaf dumb and blind girl, maybe not,.. eh? they're people too,..but isn't it funny, feel like you KNOW them,..even though (and as an artist I know this to be true) the person who created the music and their creation are many times 2 completely different things,.. You feel as if you know the REAL person,..but often times you don't,..and of course they don't know you from Eve, much as you believe they SHOULD since they wrote every song about YOUR life,.lol lol lol lol ahhh late night deep thoughts,...I like this much better than obsessing over the pending election, much more productive,.. anyhoo,..this last show has inspired me to work a little harder and create a little more and all that good stuff,.. I love those guys,..they always roll into town just at the knick of time to remind me how precious a gift we all have,.. speaking of precious gifts,.. This week is a double whammy! Tomorrow night Kay Ashley and I are going to see a performance by my favorite 20th century composer,.. minimalist, Terry Riley. Kay and Mr Riley share the same guru, I may just get a chance to meet the man behind the curtain. He's awesome! I got turned on to his music when I was a digital editor for Koch Records. An album I worked on featured some of his piano solo pieces. Love at first listen,.. I'm looking forward to being blown away by him tomorrow night as well. an inspirational week to say the least,..hopefully I won't say something utterly stupid to him too, ah well,.. more news from the peanut gallery tomorrow,.. faith hope love d
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Wow! how time flies! I can't believe September is almost over,.. eh? Both Rich and I celebrated birthdays, did Kay Ashley and my St louis buddy, Celia,.. Celia and her partner Mike were visiting in NYC at the beginning of the month and despite some car troubles they were having, had a great time! as always,..we even got a chance to hang out with Emily from SWR while Celia was in town. My cousin Drew and his girlfriend, Nikki also came to visit us from Florida, just in time to miss Hurricane Frances! We had a GREAT time with them as well! Which happens to be one of my birthday resolutions, get away from my computer and do something other than go to the studio,..hehe seems to be the bane of my existence these days,.. (ask me if I'm upset about this,..hmmm, no) being somewhat reclusive in nature (rich says I like to spend time trying to solve the problems of the world) I happen to like "alone-time" especially "in- the- studio- alone- time" I'm proud to say we've made some definitive progress on the CD. 5 songs mixed. We're half-way there. The next batch of 5 songs are just about ready for mixing,..just a few finishing touches. Then of course we have the 2 that still need to be recorded,..never ending,.. I've also been busy with Kay Ashley and spoken word artist JenEd. Both projects are coming along nicely,.. I have to say,..even through all the bitching and moaning that I have a tendency to dish out,..and even through all the self-deprecating banter that I subject myself with, I'm very aware that I'm a pretty lucky girl! Working with awesome artists and doing what I love 24/7,..while sometimes taxing, is more than anyone can ask for,.. and so there it is,.. It's just about 3AM, don't mind me,..I'm just rambling,.. BUT there is a method to my madness! I wanted to let you all know about 2 shows coming up this week! 1st one coming up this Thursday at Cafe 111 in brooklyn (visit the gigs page to get the details on both shows) and then off to Phoenixville PA to play with Christine Havrilla (who will also be playing on Thursday night) at Steel City. The show on Thursday is a showcase for RadioCrystal Blue. The always charming, Dan Herman, will be hosting the night. The last RCB showcase was a blast. Some of you were there! It was part of the "Howl" festival in the lower east side of Manhattan. I did a solo set and Dan and I did an impromptu Bowed guitar and Spoken Word piece. Dan recited Allan Ginsberg's "Sunflower Sutra", I created lots of "train-type" noises and atmospheric stuff,..IT was fun,..I felt like a rock star for about 4 minutes, lol lol After the show, Dan gave a review of the night in his e-zine. Here's what he had to say about the show: Date: Wed, 25 Aug 2004 Subject: Gig view @ C Note 8/23 >>>>The monthly RCB Showcase was a huge one as it coincided with the 2nd annual HOWL Festival..named for Allen Ginsberg's legendary poem, and a celebration of the counterculture of the East Village of NYC........ ...I took an impromptu turn to perform 2 Ginsberg poems. One an unfamiliar one on solo, the other more familiar as a duo. Denise Barbarita was on hand with bow and guitar to perform with me. It was so so cool to experience this. I was incredibly nervous but was not scared. Does that make sense? Denise and I were back and forth in email about how to approach it, but she was in a good, no great frame of mind, practially zen-like. She knew what to do, and it just worked perfectly. The first poem I read was "Is About" available at I found this online while wondering which ones to read. Good choice for an election year, eh? Then Denise came aboard to handle the bow. Thankfully, the atmosphere and humidity was perfect for the bow to work. Earlier, she mentioned the example of Led Zeppelin's song "That's The Way", on LZ's 3rd album, and the use of an open G tuning, as opposed to C. She tried the experiment of a different key and chord, and it worked great! We performed one of Ginsberg's more notable poems "Sunflower Sutra" after I gave an introductory verse. It was so cool to read it in front of a spellbound audience. It was so quiet! I got a lot of good feedback from everyone afterward, even Ira at the bar, who said it was excellent. Is it the start of something big for yours truly? Quite possibly so............ Jessica Owen stepped in for her set, (ed. note from denise- "she was AWESOME!") David Patterson joining her on electric guitar. Jessica performed mostly songs from her new CD, "ever-so-slightly-rearranged* Denise returned for her scheduled set, with songs from her CD "Beauty Lied" and a few new ones that will appear on the forthcoming CD "Chaos And Congeniality". I was reminded why I like Denise so much; her poise, prose, physicality and humor. And a great following; she works as engineer and producer to some notable recording artists..... Dan Thanks for the awesome write-up Dan! ***and a shameless plug!** Listen to Radio Crystal Blue Sundays 7pm-1am or so ET Info at Archived programs at Internet radio spotlighting great indie & upcoming talent from all over the Web! So you NY's! come on down and support your indie artists! Anne Deming is on at 7p, then Christine (who is awesome) at 8p and then I'll be going on at 9p with the full band! it'll be fun! And yeah, I know,..the first presidential debate is on the SAME night,..whaaa (tape it!) But we all know that Kerry will just make Bush look stupid,..not that he has to try too hard,..(say it with me folks! 2 more months!) (sigh) more news to come!
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It's September! It's my birthday! I'm 29 AGAIN! how does that happen? am I just forever young?? hehe I'm 33 yup but no one seems to think I'm over 30,..which is good,..I guess not having children and doing what you love for a living has that effect on you? hehe It was Rich's birthday this past week too! "two little virgos sitting in a tree,..k-i-s-s-i-n-g,..1st comes love then comes marriage then comes another little virgo in the baby carriage" hehe My birthday isn't TODAY it was on the 3rd,..and it's funny how birthdays make you re-evaluate your existence, what have i done? what have i accomplished? have I made a difference? I start running "it's a wonderful life" in my head, george in his own way made a difference in the llives of the people around him as well as the people associated with the people he knew,.. You don't realize how much of an affect you make on people in your every day hum drum lives,..we're all interconnected,..everything I do, my attitude, my way of speaking to someone, what I eat, what i drink, what I buy, what I say and do,..affects people I don't know every day,..I started a project this week,.. smile and say hello or say something nice to every person you interact with every day,..that way if you brighten their day, they may be willing to brighten someone else's day too,.. it all sounds like hippy stuff BUT i can't help myself from thinking about that powerful line in the movie where clarence (the angel) tells george "you weren't there to save your brother, and he wasn't there to save the men on his boat frrom sinking" pretty powerful to realize one person can make a diffference,.. many people want to be rich and famous because they think that's the way to make a difference or that's the only way they can do something that matters,'s not true, make a difference every day, have the power to make an impact on the economy (by boycotting certain products or by recommending them) you have an impact on every person you interact with,..this is the only instance where I agree with the trickle down theory,.. everyone in some small part is responsible for the well-being of everyone else on the planet I wish people who aren't voting would realize that too,..the ones who say their vote doesn't matter,.. there were massive protests in the streets these last few weeks,.. massive demonstrations,.. regardless of your political agenda, isn't it wonderful to see thousands of people coming together and peacefully letting their voices be heard?? It's a shame that the same administration who feels it's ok to drop bombs on other countries to promote peace and democracy feels it's "Un-american" for Americans to express their opinions in a public forum,.. ironic, don't you think? thankfully, despite the patriot act,..I won't be arrested for my comment above,..unlike some other countries in the world,..I'm sure if the current administration had it's way though, they would arrest anyone who didn't vote for king george and put them in prison for treason,.. hehe how's that for dark? hehe ok ok enough about politics,.. so I'm trying to figure out whether there's been any new news lately,.. hmm August has been pretty slow for the most part,..the first 2 weeks I couldn't even find an hour to relax,the last 2 weeks, well,..i spent most of it organizing, and filing and doing all the crap I've been procrastinating on,.. I also went into the studio this week and tracked a tune with rich that some of you know, it's called "For what it's worth" (my fellow partner in crime from SWR, emily zuzik's favorite tune) we tracked it live together and then after hearing my performances I decided to track my stuff over,.. which i did and now it's great! It's hard to concentrate on your own performance while being the engineer too,..hehe one day I'll be able to afford my own,.. We've also completed 80% of "only blue" and "Fractured" and we'll be mixing "hush hush" this week,.. tuesday ahhhhh I've been in the studio with Kay this week,..her album is slowly but surely taking on it's identity,.. as is Jen Ed's project. I'll actually be doing some oscillator music (something i've been doing as a past time since college) for her upcoming CD,.. I didn't know we had the same taste in "avant garde" electronica pretty cool right? anyhoo,.. I'll post some new info tomorrow,.. Dan Herman, host of RadioCrystal Blue had some nice comments abut our performance together at the "Howl" festival that I'll post for your reading enjoyment,. He's so nice! We'll be doing another RCB showcase at the end of the month with special guest from Philly, Christine Havrilla,.. she's awesme too! more to come!
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hello beautiful people! more news from Denise-land! So it's the end of August,..The RNC is coming to NYC,.ick,.. I was hoping to get out of dodge considering the city is going to be a madhouse,..but here I am,.. IT's been a pretty mild summer thankfully,..and a very busy summer,.. here's some of the details: This month, Kay Ashley and I have been working hard on her upcoming debut CD. Have I mentioned yet that she's awesome?? I think so,.. Last weekend, we did some tracking at Crushing studios with partner in crime, Scott Hollingsworth. He's a staff engineer there. It was interesting for me,..Since Crushing isn't my home, Scott took care of the engineering, and I got to sit back and play producer,..this is the first time ever I haven't had to do all the set-up, and what-not that goes along with the job,..I kinda liked it,..I wasn't sure if I would,.. Scott and I got along wonderfully,..we were able to talk shop here and there in between working, and I was super happy with the results and the vibe of the whole session,..We tracked 2 songs with Kay and her band, and did some vocal and guitar and piano overdubs. It was great time and most importantly Kay was happy,.. that's always the most important,.. so job well done,.. we'll be going back in to Crushing next weekend for more o/d's and the like,..the other cool thing about working at Crushing is that I got a chance to catch up with an old friend of mine from the Right Track days. My friend Tovi, who I interned with is now an engineer at Crushing, it was cool to re-connect,.. It never ceases to amaze me how small the music industry really is,..and how incestuous,... eh? I've also been at Kampo a bit for this and that,.. I just finished tracking some guitars and vocals for a few tunes for "Chaos and congeniality" with help from Rich,.. I've also been working together with SWR member, JenEd,..helping her with her upcoming spoken word release. there's all sorts of other news,..but I need to get my butt to Kampo today,..I'll fill you in later on tonight! till then!
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Hello beautiful people! ahhhh the sun is out,'s a nice change of pace,.. Now most of you who know me, know that I HATE hot weather,.. I think I'm descended from Eskimos,..there's got to be some eskimo blood somewhere in the lineage,.. my mom hates hot weather too,.. once it gets over 50% humidity and over 80 degrees,..I turn into a mean person,.. unless I'm at the beach,.. or in Hawaii,.. that'a while different thing,.. city hot and beach/island hot are not the same thing,.. so this summer has been a nice change of pace, hasn't been stupid hot,'s been pretty mild,..somewhat comfortable, although very rainy,.. anyway,.. it's also been a pretty busy summer,.. here's some things that are going on! I'll be doing some tracking at Crushing studios NYC, with singer/songwriter Kay Ashley. that's coming up this weekend,.. got some gigs towards the end of this month (check out the gigs page) And I've also started working with fellow SirensWildRide member, spoken word artist, JenEd on her upcoming CD. AND more work has been done on "Chaos and Congeniality" AND we have a contest! Rich and Dave and Jay and I went in to Kampo recently and tracked 2 new songs,.. I'm also doing finishing touches on "Hush Hush" before we mix next week,.. it's coming along quite nicely,.. THE CONTEST! we need a name for the "live with B-sides" album! now I know that could be a name in and of itself,..but it's not,,. it needs a name! the contest will be ongoing till September 30th! the winner shall receive: * A NEW CAR OF YOUR CHOICE! (curtesy of matchbox toys) * 2 free copies of (the yet to be titled volume) * a credit in the "special thanks" for your album title prowess * satisfaction in knowing you've made a difference in someone else's life,.. please email: add in the subject header: album title then Email us with your suggestions! it's just that easy! well,.. nothing really exciting happening at the moment,.. I'll keep you posted! blessed be d
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GREAT REVIEW!!!!!! A nice guy named Freakshow, from the "South of Mainstream" music site reviewed "Beauty Lied" I like him! He gets me,.. here's the link:
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SUMMER PROCRASTINATION that's the news for the week,.. it's too nice outside to work,..well,..most of the time,.. It's been about a month since my last update,.. so let's see,.. where to start? IN STUDIO NEWS 3 DOWN 17 TO GO! hehe not QUITE,.. "Chaos and Congeniality" is coming along rather nicely,.. I recently finished mixing 2 songs for the upcoming CD,.."Happy Happy" is one of them,.the other is a secret,.. Jay and Rich and Dave and I will be going in the studio next weekend to do some "live studio recordings" Some of the day will be spent recording the new batch of tunes for the album,.. My hope is to come out with some live recordings without bottles falling or conversations right in front of the DAT machine,..(some are hysterical,..some are plain sad) or "boomy" sound,.. it'll be nice! all for the live CD,..which will be available SOON! If you want to know which songs we're tracking in the studio, you'll just have to wait till the CD's out,.. sorry,.. no exceptions,..hehehehe And last but not least! this month I started working with Kay Ashley! As you all know, I've been so excited to work with Kay and it's finally happening! So far we've completed overdubs for 3 songs that were tracked previously, and in 2 weeks we'll be at Crushing Studios tracking the rest of the tunes from the CD,.. All said and done,'s been a pretty busy month! but a GOOD busy!
TUESDAY, MAY 18, 2004
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what's new??? 9 DAYS TO HAWAII!!!! and counting,.. It's been a minute since I last updated you all,.. so let's see,.. In studio news: the basic tracking with "the Visitors" went swimmingly,..a looooong day,.about 14 hours strait, but well worth the work,.. everyone played at the top of their abilities, drama,..just alot of work,..but fun work,.. the way it should be! all was recorded live in studio and I'm proud to say it sounds grrrrrr-reat! I'll keep you posted on the happenings! Keith Porteous is wrapping up work on her upcoming CD,..We still have some mixing and a little bit of tracking left, but it's turning out really well and I'm chomping at the bit let you know when i can tell you all where to get your own copy! Still in the pre-production stages with singer/songwriter, Kay Ashley,..We should be getting to work soon after my return from hawaii,..a long awaiting working situation,..I love Kay's music! My upcoming CD, "Chaos and Congeniality" is starting to shape up,..Dave came in to track some guitars on "Hush Hush" and "Happy Happy". When I return, we'll be tracking the following tunes: "For What it's Worth", one of the newst tunes, "Only Blue", and the newest of the new, "Fractured". 9 down 2 to go folks! it's coming along! I'm also working on putting together a live CD,.that should be available by the end of the summer, will include a track from "Chaos and Congeniality", 1 from "Beauty Lied", a few remixes from "Beauty Lied", and some live recordings, both solo and with the band,.. In other news, "only for my sake" and "it's what you said" have seen some more action on the daytime series "One Life to Live". Both songs were played at least 3 times each in the past 3 weeks,.. i'm not complaining,.. :) Seems as though "It's what you said" gets played mainly in conjunction with a character named "RJ", in and around the bar setting,..I'm hoping his character doesnt' have some kindof leap of faith where he turns into a "good guy" we want him to remain snarky,.. This sat. night, May 22nd, 6:30pm hawaii time,(about 12:30am NYC time) I'll be doing an interview with DJ Nocturna at KTUH. you can listen to the interview in real time! log on to: Special thanks go out to DJ Nocturna for spreading the word about Girlfest Honolulu and playing my music on her show! And I'm also working on putting some gigs together with fellow RAINN benefit/Tori tribute performer (and bad-ass singer/songwriter), Christine Havrilla. Some will remember my ramblings about her version of "raspberry swirl" at the last RAINN benefit,..I'm really looking foward to playing shows with her! Keep checking in to the gigs page and we'll updated you as we go! And of course, IF you've been checking the gigs page, you'll know that there are a few shows coming up in the NYC tri-state area,.most notably, the "3 phases of Eve" presents: SirensWildRide/Sound&Vision at Luna Stage in Montclair, NJ! Special thanks to Kirk at Luna Stage and Susan Anchetta, the host of "3 phases of Eve", for helping to put the show together! Looks like we'll be doing some radio interviews to promote the show,..We'll keep you posted on those too! That's the scoop everyone! as my good friend celia in STL says,... "ceeeeelia later!"
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so, now you know it's official,.. the new site has been launched! Special thanks and kudos go out to steele hillier for his wondrous work! the site looks fantastic! any of you looking for a class A web designer, go ahead and email steele ( and tell him I sent you! that's basically it for now! viva la steele! MUAH!
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we got a date in atlanta, well, decatur really,.. (thanks andy! and thanks to luma at ashton's coffeehouse!) that's my new news,. oh, and my cold is almost gone,.. i haven't taken any drugs in 2 days and i can still breathe, still got a headache,..but it's minor,..i even went to the gym 2 DAYS IN A ROW! oooooo-aaaaaaaah oh and we have a new website now,.. since the news section hasn't been added yet, you won't know this, until the news section is added,..then it'll be too late to surprise you,. well it already is,.. oh and Kristi's CD, "The Mule" is off the presses,..look out for it on,..and check out her site (in the new and improved links section; if my memory serves me right it's, if that doesn't work then go to the links section) to find out when it's officially available or pre-order your copy, or check out her tour dates to find out whether she'll be in your town,..we'll be doing 4 dates together this coming tour,..2 dates in s. carolina and the Tori show and the out-of-towner show the night after the tori Tribute,..awwww man,..i still have to get "little amsterdam" down,..sheesh,..and you wonder why it takes me months to update news,.. ah well,..that's the news for now,..time to promote my tour now,..hehehehe
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oh and another thing all that rambling and I forgot to mention a biggie!!! All of the song on "Beauty Lied" are now available on, ( and for PC users) download your favorite songs for just 99 Cents! pretty cool huh?
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talk about time flying! I just realized I haven't posted any news since the end of December! I'm sorry! so it's now March, 2004. It's been a busy few months to say the least! I am here sitting in front of my happy Mac (duh) getting over a cold that's incapacitated me for the last 2 days and feeling much better. I'm still slightly incoherent but that will pass, i'm sure,.. January and the first week of February were all about Kristi Martel and the making of her 2nd full length studio album, "The Mule" It was a difficult process this time around, but we all made it through no worse the wear. "The Mule" will be available sometime soon,..I'll keep you posted on the details once i know them. I've also been in the studio with Keith Porteous finishing up her CD. Just some last minute fixes and some mixing,.. I've also been helping out my Sirens buddies on their endeavors,.. Athena Reich will be releasing a new CD very soon,..I've been helping her do some lead vocal editing and we also layed down some piano tracks with Canadian piano-diva Francine Kay. And I've been doing some Mixing with SWR member, Pi. She's hoping her new CD will be available sometime this year as well, all and all, yeah, It's been busy,.. And, if that weren't enough work,..I've also had the opportunity to finish up some of my own material. (gasp) The first song for the new CD, "Chaos and Congeniality" has been mixed and I actually still like it a week later! Some of you have heard the song already, it's called "In Pieces". We also added some bass and I played Piano on a song I refer to as "no words" as it has no words,.. that one would have been mixed today if it weren't for this nasty little bug I've caught,.. I've finally completed 2 brand new songs, which are slated for the next CD and hey! we're going on tour in 3 weeks! It's a funny thing,.I thought booking in Nashville would be a chore,..turned out it's Atlanta that's a huge pain in the patootie! I still have no booking in atlanta,..whaa I think they don't like outsiders,.. regardless,.the main reason I've reserved a spot there is because my good friend from college, Andy, lives there now and it's been a looooooong time since i saw him last,.. which is a bad thing,,..worst case scenario is we go out with him and have a nice dinner,.. not too shabby,..he's from Delaware too,..although we didn't know each other until we met at school,.. but that's a whole 'nuther thang and there it is,.3 months in a nutshell,..there was a whole lot more that happened but i figured, "why not just give you the highlights?" If i detailed every day and event in full it may as well be the lord of the rings trilogy,.. Oh and speaking of book trilogies,.FYI: I'm a bookworm,..and every so often I get into reading kicks,..well lately, i've been on an Issac Asimov kick,..the foundation series and the robot series (yeah I'm a dorky sci-fi geek too, go figure) well my free time has been spent reading the 10-15 or so books of that series which are just fascinating! I can't put them down! one after the other,.and then there are 7 books which i haven't been able to find, all part of the series,..turns out they were out of print, luckily for me I found used copies on amazon and bought them all up,.. I'm very proud, i have reading material for the next couple of months,..I'm happy,..and the most intersting thing is that all of these books were written piecemeal over a period of 30 years,..and they're coherent,..amazing,.. ok,..that's enough from me,..the modern pharmacueticals are starting to take control and I'm rambling,.. hope all of you are having a great year so far! see ya!
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my my my how time flies! Another year is about to come to a close and I'm still trying to figure out where April went,.. It's been a busy year, a year full of new experiences and new friends,..a year with some sorrows and lost friends,..but all in all a good one! so, i've been lax in my commentary over the past few weeks,..ok ok month and a half,.. Things got a little busy, so let me get you updated,.. In Studio NEWS: Jennifer Friedman's debut CD has been mixed and mastered. I actually took on the challenge of mastering the CD,..I can't say I enjoy the task of mastering but it turned out well nevertheless,.. it's a task that requires a different type of mindset than mixing or tracking,..I'm happy, and more importantly, Jenn is happy,.. She's in the process of finishing the album artwork and all that yummy detail of dealing with duplication houses and graphic designers and photographers,.so once the album is "street-ready" I"ll let you know! We're finishing up the last few songs of Keith Porteous's project, that should be ready to go in a few weeks,.. I'm really excited about this project too! again, I'll keep you posted,. And, last but not least, we've begun pre-production with Kristi Martel,..she's back East and rearing to get into the studio to finish her 3rd studio CD, "The Mule". We are expecting to begin tracking sometime next week,.. I'm totally looking forward to it! I've had an opportunity, believe it or not, to get in and do some work on my own upcoming CD, "Chaos and Congeniality". the work has been slow this year due to "the princess" taking up both rooms for months on end, these next 2 months will be promising in terms of being able to finish up the first batch of tunes,.. There was a time in my life where I got stuck working on a lot of projects I wasn't excited about or liked very much,..I'm glad those days are over! I have to say there's nothing like having the freedom to work with artists you admire in an artistic sense as well as enjoy hanging out with! This last year has been great in that sense,..I have been blessed by having the opportunity to work with such amazingly talented artists who are also amazing people to boot! I feel like I've inherited an entire extended family, not just new friends! AND not just in the studio but on the road too! So,..yeah, it's been a pretty good year! The new year ahead will bring more challenges to overcome and more exciting adventures! My 2nd solo tour will be coming up in April,. We'll be traveling to KY, St. Louis, MO, Nashville, TN, Atlanta, GA, SC, and once again we'll be performing at the Tori Tribute in Carrboro, NC. How exciting! This May I'll be performing at the GIRLFEST HONOLULU event. I've never been to Hawaii! Rich is coming along, and we're making this our pre-wedding honeymoon. AAAhhhhh. And I'm sure there will be lots of Sirenswildride adventures to tell you all about as well! So,..Come on back and visit! drop a line, tell us how your'e doing, send your requests,..if you dont' already have your copy of "Beauty Lied" you'd better hurry up cuz we're running out! lol (just got to or and they'll hook you up!) Thanks goes out to all the wonderful and beautiful people I've met this year, all the new fans and supporters, all of my cherished friends from the past years,..and to my family who have always been supportive! YOU ALL ROCK! lol MUAH! and HAPPY NEW YEAR!
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IN STUDIO NEWS THE PRINCESS HAS LEFT THE BUILDING! that's my big news, some of you know who i'm referring to, some maybe not,..but that will change eventually,.. Halley Devestern's new cd "Superhero killer" is available NOW! yee-ha! the big party is on nov 22nd which i will be performing at as well, as the opening act,.i'm really excited! the long awaiting release will be available shortly via online channels: and Jenn Friedman's debut album will be finished soon,..there are a few loose ends to finish and it needs to be mastered, but soon,.. I'm thinking by the beginning of 2004,. I'll keep you posted for sure! I've been in the studio recently with singer/songwriter Keith Portious. She's an amazingly talented singer and I'm so happy to be working with her again! We're currently finishing up a CD of jazz and popular standards, and next week we'll start working on another CD comprised of her original material. She's really someone to keep a look-out for! Rich and I are the proud new owners of new gear! Keith's new record debut's our brand new Earthworks SR-77 microphones and Earthworks 1022 mic pre,.. for all of you studio geeks, I used them on Kampo's Steinway and I'm happy to announce that the piano sounds absolutely amazing! ahhh,..earthworks gear, i love their products,..if only I had more money,..I'd buy everything I can get my grubbies on,..the reference mics wouldn't be a prudent purchase as i have no use for them,..but their time-aligned near-field monitors,.. ahhhh one can only dream,.. Kristi Martel will be back on the East coast soon and is planning to do her next album at Kampo with my favorite all star band, Jason Wallenstein and Rich Kulsar. Her new CD already has a title and a theme,'s called "The Mule". It seems that it will be a much more complicated affair in terms of arrangements but I'm sooooooo looking forward to working with Kristi again, she's definately one of my top 10 favorite indie artists and she's an awesome person to boot,.. and so far, that's the news on the studio front,.. till next time!
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well i've been a little lax in my news entries as of late,.. sorry,.. things got a somewhat crazy since my last entry,.let's see,..where did i leave off? :reading: a-ha ok so after entering in my happy little news entry last time, i called my parents to find out my dad is in the midst of a major mid-life crisis,.. Rich and I have officially announced our engagement and we've made the executive decision that we'll be tying the knot in NYC sometime in 2004/2005. My Mom was lobbbying hard for us to do the whole thing in Delaware (where I grew up) the more I thought about it the more I realized that I've always considered NYC my home, even when i was a kid growing up in DE I can't remember a DAY where I wanted anything more then to get OUT of DE, so,..decision has been made,. besides, there's a lot more stuff to do in NYC, more fun to be had! lol don't get me wrong,.DE isn't a bad place to grow up, or to have a wedding for that matter,..just not mine, lessee,..Been in the studio with Jenn Friedman,..if it wasn't for the illustrious princess in waiting at Kampo crimping my style, the CD would be done by now, however, we have 1 more song to mix and 2 to recall for small things,. it'll be done soon! Jenn has really impressed me! I have to admit I wasn't sure when we first started whether she was "ready". it seemed we couldn't get a rehearsal to stick but she has done such a great job and has really just blossomed,..all the new material she wrote for her CD is really good! I'm very happy,..i'm looking forward to getting everyone i know to take a listen,.. lol Halley's CD release party should be announced soon,.. sometime in Nov,.I'll keep you posted! and, i got my first BMI royalty check this week,..ahh making money for sitting on my ass,..a wonderful thing! lol actually it's payment for all the hours i spent 2 years ago in the studio, but,.hehe i'm not complaining! anyway,.that's the news,.the website will be completely different in about a month,.. my xmas present! till then MUAH!
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hmmm what's new?? well in 2 days I will be on my way to the mid west with the sirenswildride ( so this past few weeks has been busy clamoring to get loose ends tied,. Touring with me will be emily Zuzik and Athena Reich! they're both awesome in the musical and personal sense,..I thinkw e're gonna have a good time! a chance to go to the US Open,..we got rained out on monday but got the chance to see some great matches played on sunday and thursday,.. in the studio: Halley devestern's CD "Superhero killer" will be ready for release SOOOOON! look for it around October! I've been working with indie singer/songwriter Jennifer Friedman. This will be her first indie release and I'm really happy to be part of the project. It's a very simple and intimate record in terms of arrangement,..mainly piano/vocal and some cello and some ear candy,.you know me and my bowed guitar madness,.. I've also been doing some recording for gospel artist, James Hall. We've been doing some choir overdubs at Kampo. The project is he's working on is called Citadel of Praise. Really great songs and great singing! I love gospel choirs! I've always wanted to sing in one! but alas,..I'm still waiting,..oh well,.. I'll be posting the tour diary for this upcoming tour when i can,..check out the sirenswildride website to check if we're playing near you! till next time!
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So what's new you may ask??? here it is a lovely sticky august evening,.. I just got my hair cut,..yes, that's the big news of the day, As most people in the country know, there was a major power outage last week,..people ask,."so where were you??" Well,..I was suppossed to be in the studio with an indie artist named Jennifer friedman,..fortunately,our session got bumped at the last minute and I decided to go home,..well, no sooner had i logged on to check my Email, the power went out,.. what was my first thought?? "did i forget to pay the electric bill??",.no,.. once I realized it wasn't just me, I thought,..terrorist attack?? (cuz I live in NYC) and then relieved, it was just a power grid snafu,.. So Rich and I made a lovely 4 course meal of leftovers and fancy frozen stuff and took a nice long walk with our handy flashlight through the rough and tumble streets of Forest Hills,..Never realized how well lit the area was until the power went out,. It was actually a very nice and cozy evening,. no phone calls, no emails, no TV, to meet some neighbors and talk to some neighbors who I always see around but never really get to know,.. that's how it is these days in NY, you live surrounded by 100 people, you see about 1/3 of them day to day but you never really get the opportunity to meet any of them,.. So it was a nice change of pace,.. Lucky for us our power came back on around 6am the next morning,..we didnt' have any spoilage problems which was a good thing and none worse for the wear,.. of course my work schedule got all mixed up and the subways weren't working for most of the weekend, so I didn't get to do much with the time off,.. and that's that,. I also decided to take the month of August off from live gigs,.I'm gearing up for the tour in september and figured I should concentrate on that instead,..I really am excited! I've never been to the Mid-west before,..well unless you count Ohio as the mid-west,.. We've also been focusing on re-designing the website, and all sorts of other goodies,,'s been busy,.. anyway,..that's the news for now,..Oh I forgot, I also won an honorable mention in the Billboard Songwriting contest,..apparantly, "It's what you said" made the top 500 songs,.where in that top 500, I don't know, but considering over 20,000 songs were entered, it's not too shabby,.. So,..that's the news for now,..
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MORE NEWS! SirensWild Ride will be featured in the August edition of GONYC magazine! Check it out! and if you haven't already, check out the website
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Hello there lovelies! it's me again,. so i have some neato news,..after twiddling and fiddling and trying to figure out how to get my music on iTunes (the apple music site) , while I was scheming and planning, I got an Email from CDBaby who single handedly did it all for me! YEEE-HA! So what does this mean? It means that all of the songs on "Beauty Lied" are available as singles online to be downloaded for only $.99! cool right? The songs will be available not only on the apple iTunes site but on Rhapsody and a few others I don't remember the names to. I've said it before and I'll say it again,..The music industry's problem isn't music downloading or "piracy",.. it's overpriced and substandard product. Apple in just a few weeks made that perfectly clear! People will download and purchase music they like, they will "pirate" music which doesn't hold value. Go Figure??? Is that always true? no,.. but in my experience if I find a song I like after downloading it, once I hear a few more cuts from the album that I likeI'll go out and buy the record,..I think the last record that I bought in such a fashion was "Queens of the stone Age" Kudos to APPLE for offering it's service to indie artists! BTW, IMHO Apple is the most inventive and ingenious company in the US. Their products are top notch and they are always on the cutting edge. (no I'm not geting paid for this) I've been a MAC user for as long as I've used a computer and I will always be a MAC user! We just purchased a MAC G4 dual processor machine, rocks, all I need is cable modem and/or DSL and I'll be able dangerous!!!! LONG LIVE APPLE!!!!!!
TUESDAY, JULY 15, 2003
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Hello again to the most Beautiful people! YOU!!!! Ok,.so I've been a little lax in my updates once again,..go ahead and say,.."Denise, you suck!" now that my self-flagellation is over with here's the news from the past month: The album's title track "Beauty Lied" has been aired on "One Life to Live" twice since my last update,..last week, (wed) it was actually the opening music during a kissing scene,..ahhhhh Also Rich, Steele and I did a taping for cablevision's LT1. the show will air as follows: Nassau County / Western Suffolk, NY - Monday, 7/28/03 @ 2:30 PM on channel 20 Queens, NY - Wednesday, 7/30/03 @ 8:00 PM on channel 35 Queens, NY - Thursday, 7/31/03 @ 5:00 PM on channel 35 Marion, IN. - Sat., 8/2/03 @ 11:00 AM and Sun., 8/3/03 at 7:00 PM on channel 9 Western Suffolk, NY - Sunday, 8/3/03 @ 8:00 PM on channel 20 Mid Suffolk, NY - Sunday, 8/3/03 @ 8:00 PM on channel 20 Eastern Suffolk, NY - Sunday, 8/3/03 @ 7:00 PM on channel 20 I'm also happy to announce that the plans for the SirensWildRide tour are coming along quite nicely! I'll be going on the road with Emily Zuzik and Athena Reich in September. I've updated the tour dates (take a look) and You can alsoget more info by logging on to: You'll find artist bios for all involved, tour dates, sponsers,..EVERYTHING! Wanna get involved? wanna help promote? get in touch with us at the sirenswild ride website! LET'S SEE,..there's more! Within the next week or so, I'll also have an EPK on Sonicbids posted for anyone who interested. AND we will be updating the MyShyTune website within the next couple of months,..there will be tour pics, more info, a new mailing list,..all sorts of goodies! AND the myshytune productions section of the website will be up and runing as well! You'll get to access my discography, listen to music from the various artists I've worked with as well as being able to check out their personal sites! pretty cool right? be patient,i.t'll happen! Special thanks goes out to Steele Hillier for helping me out with the website! He's not only a super duper bassist but a super duper guy and an awesome web designer! (thought I'd say super duper again didn't ya?) I think that's the news for now,.stay tuned for more happenings in my world! And hey people don't be strangers! Drop me a line! Got suggestions for the website? a few pictures you're waiting to see? let us know what you want! blessed be d
TUESDAY, JULY 15, 2003
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Hello again to the most Beautiful people! YOU!!!! Ok,.so I've been a little lax in my updates once again,..go ahead and say,.."Denise, you suck!" now that my self-flagellation is over with here's the news from the past month: The album's title track "Beauty Lied" has been aired on "One Life to Live" twice since my last update,..last week, (wed) it was actually the opening music during a kissing scene,..ahhhhh Also Rich, Steele and I did a taping for cablevision's LT1. the show will air as follows: Nassau County / Western Suffolk, NY - Monday, 7/28/03 @ 2:30 PM on channel 20 Queens, NY - Wednesday, 7/30/03 @ 8:00 PM on channel 35 Queens, NY - Thursday, 7/31/03 @ 5:00 PM on channel 35 Marion, IN. - Sat., 8/2/03 @ 11:00 AM and Sun., 8/3/03 at 7:00 PM on channel 9 Western Suffolk, NY - Sunday, 8/3/03 @ 8:00 PM on channel 20 Mid Suffolk, NY - Sunday, 8/3/03 @ 8:00 PM on channel 20 Eastern Suffolk, NY - Sunday, 8/3/03 @ 7:00 PM on channel 20 I'm also happy to announce that the plans for the SirensWildRide tour are coming along quite nicely! I'll be going on the road with Emily Zuzik and Athena Reich in September. I've updated the tour dates (take a look) and You can alsoget more info by logging on to: You'll find artist bios for all involved, tour dates, sponsers,..EVERYTHING! Wanna get involved? wanna help promote? get in touch with us at the sirenswild ride website! LET'S SEE,..there's more! Within the next week or so, I'll also have an EPK on Sonicbids posted for anyone who interested. AND we will be updating the MyShyTune website within the next couple of months,..there will be tour pics, more info, a new mailing list,..all sorts of goodies! AND the myshytune productions section of the website will be up and runing as well! You'll get to access my discography, listen to music from the various artists I've worked with as well as being able to check out their personal sites! pretty cool right? be patient,i.t'll happen! Special thanks goes out to Steele Hillier for helping me out with the website! He's not only a super duper bassist but a super duper guy and an awesome web designer! (thought I'd say super duper again didn't ya?) I think that's the news for now,.stay tuned for more happenings in my world! And hey people don't be strangers! Drop me a line! Got suggestions for the website? a few pictures you're waiting to see? let us know what you want! blessed be d
FRIDAY, MAY 16, 2003
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Hey! Check out the new interview at ballbuster magazine's website! Thanks goes out to Paul Autry for a great interview! here's the link!
THURSDAY, MAY 15, 2003
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So much to say and so little time,.. ok,..I've been lax in my news updates,..for that I apologize, folks,. It's been a little busy over here,.. but,..better late than never,.. ok,..
MONDAY, MAY 5, 2003
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sad news all,.. My furry friend and buddy of 11 years, John the cat, died Friday afternoon. For all who knew him, yeah, he was a pain in the *^%^*,..always into everything,.. but I loved him for it! I'd love to hear your stories/memories of John, from those who got the chance to meet him,..for those who didn't,.. feel free to let me know about your own experiences,.. John is survived by his sister, Yoko, who is doing ok,..she hasn't quite figured out what's going on,.. but I doubt she'll be upset about getting a little extra love! the moral to the story? don't ever take for granted the loved ones you are surrounded by,..human or feline,..canine, they won't always be around,..enjoy the moment and tell the people around you, you love them! luv, d
MONDAY, MARCH 17, 2003
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greeting and salutations! I've got some great new news! The big BIG news is: for all of you who are soap fans, (One Life to Live, in particular) You should be happy to note that today's episode (march 17th) featured "it's What You Said" not once,..nope, not twice,..but 3 times in one episode,. For those of you interested in seeing this episode, it will be re-run on Soapnet (cable soap channel) this Saturday. And! Halley Devestern's CD is officially ready to be mastered! We finished the CD yesterday,. All of the mixes are complete,.. I'm sad yet happy at the same time! I can't wait to see the final product and I'm totally looking forward to hearing all of your comments! Other studio news: I was in the studio this past weekend with The Kent Strong Band. We recorded the basic tracks.for their upcoming album. We'll be resuming our work in May after the tour. It was great fun and I learned a little something about Scotch whiskey. Who says you can't learn something new everyday? Imagine, a down and dirty blues band with a DJ,..yup,'cha can't wait to hear it either! I'm really excited to hear how this project shapes up,..if the basic tracks are any indication it's going to be a slamming record! that's all the news now! till next time! d
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Well hello again! I've been very lax in my news updates lately,..between Alicia Keyes bumping all of my sessions and booking this tour I've been swamped! Anyway,..In studio news! hehe all of these projects would be done by now if they hadn't been bumped, lol kidding,.er,..not really,.. After months of planning, Brenda Kahn made it to Kampo! Yee-ha. Joining her were Steele Hillier on bass, Rich Kulsar on drums, and Jeff Kolber, co-producer and guitarist. I've been reaally excited about this project! Not only is she an inspiration in terms of the work she's done with, but she's a damn good songwriter! We tracked basics for 3 new songs for her next full-length CD,..Some of the tracks were previouslyrecorded by Pete Keppler at The Looking Glass Studios, my former digs,..We're hoping to have the final project finished in April. I'll keep you posted! Halley's record is officially mixed! BUT we have some nips and tucks to do,..A mix needs some recalling,..So,..Hopefully we'll have that done in the coming week and I'll be able to tell you all were to pick up your copy of "Superhero Killer"! And Believe me, you'll hear from me! Also, In 2 weeks, I'll be in the studio with the Kent Strong Band. These guys have a great sound! I'm really looking forward to working with them,..bluesey jam rock with a DJ,..Still with me? i think so! Just you wait! Of course I'll keep you guys enraptured in all of the juicy details! In other news, I have recently signed on with Publisher/ Music Supervisor, Barbara Jordan. She will be soley responsible for placing my music in Film and TV. This is a new adventure for me! I'll let you all know when my 15 seconds of fame is due! and that's the news for the day! hope everyone is doing great! And don't be shy! drop me a line and let me know how you guys are doing! blessed be d
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I JUST SAW THE BEST BAND IN THE WORLD! (IMHO) allow me to indulge myself for JUST a moment and pretend I'm a gangly high schooler! LIKE,.. ok,.. For those of you who know me, you've heard this all before, so go ahead and scroll because you'll most likely hear this from me by day's end, tonight I went to see my favorite band in the world: KING'S X for the 14th time in the past
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NEW STUDIO NEWS! to those of you who are still bugging me about the MyShyTune Productions section of the site,..ssh lol I'm getting there,..Unfortunatly, things that I want to happen aren't possible just yet, and poor Gordon, (my lovely and talented Webguy) is in the throws of Law School studies,.. so,..he's kinda busy,..I try not to bother him tooooo much,.. cuz' you all know I can be a bit pushy sometimes, right? lol anyway,. STUDIO NEWS: Rich and Jay and I went did some tracking this past Tuesday at Kampo. We laid the tracks for "Hush Hush" and "Happy Happy" What would the count say??? "5 songs! ah ah ah ah ah!!!!" lol (showing my age,..I don't think THE Count is so popular on seseme st. these days,..either is Cookie,..whaaa,..he's still my favorite, of these days I need to do a cover of "C is for Cookie", a metal-version! :: long chortle::) maybe,. so,. 6 to go for the new CD,...I still have finish writing 5 of them,..(another big chuckle from me) anyway,'s not always just about me, on! Halley Devestern's CD (I think) has a title! "Superhero Killer" How's that GRAB YOU??? We have only 2 more songs to mix! Almost there guys! I bet'cha can't wait!!!!! Halley was awesome by the way, at the last Sound and Vision: Indiegrrl Event! As were Emily Zuzik and Carolann Solebello,.. We had such a great time! This time around we were also graced by the presence of guest artist Bruce McCullough (sp?? sorry bruce) He did some wonderful caricatures of everyone performing,..I think his rendering of Halley's band was the best! Kristine's painting was inspired by the flowing blond braids of Emily Zuzik! Pretty cool huh? (you can view the artwork from that night at but i digress,.. This month I will be working at Kampo with former Columbia Artist and founder, Brenda Kahn! I have been looking forward to this project with baited breath! We'll be tracking and mixing some new material to complete her 2nd independent release. Brenda is awesome! and is an invaluable resource for Independent female artists! check out the site: I'll keep you posted on our progress! More news to come so check in soon! blessed be d
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MORE RADIO NEWS! Jan/Feb have been radio friendly months! Oh if they could all be such! Thanks goes out to Frankie at MojoMusicStudios! I am one of the featured Artists on "The Studio" radio show that will first air on NH's 106.3 FM "The Notch", on Thursday, January 23, 2003 at 7pm. They will be airing "15". Log on to to listen! Meanwhile, if you haven't already, you can also go to and fill out the "Become a Mojo Member" form so we can stay in touch. Members receive a monthly Mojo Music Newsletter filled with Independent Music tidbits from inside Mojo Music Studio, "The Home of Independent Music". also special thanks goes out to Dan Herman of Radio crystal blue! I have been showcased as one of the RCB future star features for the February 4th airing. Dan played "The Darkest Hour", and "On Your Side". You can check out the show and or listen to the archived show at : OR Please note that you can also view the playlist and hear the mp3 of this show at the above page.
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Hello again! I just realized I forgot to mention another very important update,.. DUH! "Beauty Lied" is now FINALLY available on! the direct link (which will be updated soon in the links section) is: Go visit the site,.feel free to write a review, a little note,..what have you,.. Also for those of you in the NYC area. "Beauty Lied" is still on sale exclusively at Norman's Audio/Video#2! 33 St. Mark's. (in the East Village) Talk to "the big guy"! He's awesome and he really takes care of me and all of his customers! As a side note, I've been a Norman's customer FOR YEARS, which is why I'm so happy to be working with them,.. They know what they have in the store, the have great recommendations and if they don't have something in stock they'll order it for you. Can you ask for anything more? and the price is always right,..they're always cheaper than the BIG stores and they take care of their customers. Anyone see the movie "High Fidelity"? it's kind of like that. I've never walked out of there disappointed! Now you all may think this is just a shameless plug, "Yeah well of course she's going to say all this good stuff because she's selling her CD there" well,'s all true, and it's precisely WHY they were my first choice in retail outlets. so there,.. But of course, I challenge you to find out for yourselves,.. lol more to come! ok I'm done now!
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HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE! ok, so I'm a little late,. but better late than never right???? :whatever: lol So what's new you may ask? hmm,. well, begin with we've confirmed airplay on WIMS. (the Women's independent Music Show. It's an internet radio show dedicated to showcasing women in music. And it goes without saying I'm proud to be part of the program! They are spinning "The Darkest Hour". In studio news,.... I'm happy to announce that Halley Devestern's CD is shaping up quite nicely,.. We've mixed 5 songs and we only have 6 to go! It's hard to believe it's almost finished,..whaa,..And I was having so much fun! Also in studio news, Kristi Martel took some time out to come all the way back to NYC to record a new song called "Bound", at Kampo with me on the controls, Rich Kulsar on Drums and Jason Wallenstein on bass (sound familiar? hmm) it's a ten-minute composition,..and I gotta tell you,..I was a little nervous,..we only had one day to record and mix the entire thing,..I'm happy to announce that it is yet another project I'm super proud to have been part of! "Bound" will be released as a special edition single,..only 100 will be made and the proceeds will be used to record Kristi's 2nd full-length CD, "The Mule",..she's already got the concept, the songs, I'm on board, as are Rich and Jay,..this one is going to be a doozy,..I can't wait! I'll let you all know when the "Bound" single is available for sale, the meantime,..check out Kristi's site: or go to her CDBaby page and take a listen will you!??!!?? She recorded her last CD,"Brave Enough" at Kampo along with me, Rich and Jay,..It's still on my CD player,'s like Cats I will listen to it again and again! lol lol actually It's one of my favorite CDs, and not just because I worked on it,..but,.i do go on,..go check it out yourself, I'm sure you'll agree with me,.. I've also just finished mastering a CD to benefit Children's International. The title of the CD will be "HOME A Compilation of Women SInger-Songwriters to Benefit Children International" . It's chock full of great songwriting from independent singer/songwriters of the female persuasion from all across the country. I won't say which songs are my favorite,.. that wouldn't be fair,..but I was most excited to finally hear the music of quite a few singer songwriters I've heard of through and Yee-ha! It really is a great CD, and a BIG shout out to the mastermind behind the project, my friend Raymond Steiner. This CD is his baby and he should be commended for such fine work! Alot of people don't realize how much work goes into a CD, whether it's original or otherwise,..from the conception to the actual time period where it's available for sale there are so many stages of development,..It could drive someone batty! He's done a great job with everything and I really hope it's a huge success! I'll keep you all posted on the CD's availability! what else? hmm,.. I've been in the studio working on the New CD, which will be called "Chaos and Congeniality". Last Monday, I was honored to have Leah Coloff adding her cello talents to a new song called, "Hold On". Absolutely beautiful! She really created something special. Thanks Leah! We're also gearing up for our spring tour of the Northeast! We're busy scheduling and/or cancelling and/or rescheduling and/or,.. lol Eeeek it's a lot of planning,..I'll have dates posted in the very near future once we confirm all of the dates,.. And believe you me,..I'll let you all know when we're playing in your area! For those of you outside of the NYC area,.. Would you like to help in the cause? Let us know where you are and we'll make a special visit! I promise! Don't be shy! Let us know where your favorite clubs are! say hello! that's all for now,.. hope you all have a great New Year!
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hello lovlies! I'm back to confirm airplay on yet another wonderful college station! WSAM 105.3, University of Hartford, CT. We're receiving medium rotation airplay! Thanks for supporting us guys! Hopefully we'll be playing there really soon! For those of you internet radio junkies, tune into bumpngrind (the link is on the links page here on MyShyTune) Cookie is spinning "what I believe" and "On Your Side" thanks Cookie! blessed be d
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Hello again! well,'s a beautiful Sunday afternoon,..the air is crisp and clean,..I went to Barnes and Noble to find out I'm in a magazine! Special thanks to Brenda Kahn of! I am profiled in her Womanrock presents "Girl Underground" article in Woman Who Rock magazine. (pg 30) Woman Who Rock magazine is available nationwide in your friendly neighborhood bookstore/record store. Go pick up your copy!
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MORE STUDIO NEWS hello again beautiful people! So, a few people have expressed their feelings about my NOT having the MyShyTune Productions end of the site up yet,.. Sorry! Yes indeed,..I'm a loser ok?? happy now? I've admitted it! I promise,..(yeah I know you've heard this before) it will be finished by year's end. Only a few more weeks,.ok? sheesh! lol Meanwhile, back at the ranch,.. We've just put into place some of the final polish on Halley Devestern's project, we finished up some background vocals, and some guitars, and some hammond organ,..and I even got to play my Bowed guitar,..imagine that? little ol' me? Not that any of you are surprised,.. I worked so hard on my Bow parts today,..During my Favorite Halley song, "Hey I'm a Man", I was so engulfed in the music and got so into my part that I BROKE my bow! SNAP! that's what it did,.. DOH! Rich is mad at me,..because it's really HIS bow, I just borrow it and call it mine, So now I have to go and buy a new one,.. no biggie,.. Anyway,..I'm so happy about how this CD is turning out,..of course if I were really cool I would have session pics and stuff like that on my production side of the site,..but since, as I've been told,..I'm not that cool just yet,..I guess you'll just have to wait until the record comes out. so there! in other news,..I've been mastering a compilation CD. To make a long story short, the CD sales will benefit homeless shelters in LA (the state, not the city). All of the songs have a "Home" theme. All of the artists are independent Indiegrrrls, like me! It sounds great,..some really great songs! I'll keep you posted! oh,..and in 2 weeks, my best Cali buddy will be coming to NYC! Kristi Martel and I will be working together again. She will be recording a new single called, "Bound" I can't wait! It's such a great tune,..Unfortunatly we only have a day to complete the whole thing,..arghh,.. Rich Kulsar will be playing Drums, and Jason Wallenstein will be playing bass,..hmmm,..sounds familiar,.. it'll be great fun! more news to come! blessed be d
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THANKS!!!!! to everyone who joined me and Michael Hewett, Leah Coloff, and Kristine d. Paige, at the sound and vision event last night at the Knitting Factory! What a beautiful audience! What a beautiful night! And inspiring performances,..I need to lock myself in a room and shed after that! LOL Michael has just released his new CD, "Being in Dreaming",..I'm actually listening to it right now,..absolutely beautiful! I recommend it highly! I have to say, Michael's first CD, "Hidden in plain sight" is still one of my favorite CDs,..I am so proud to have been part of that project! We've known each other for quite a long time, and I am so thrilled to hear how his music has transformed over the past few years,..the arrangments are quite beautiful! Leah was also exceptional last night! WOW is all I have to say,..She also has an amazing CD called "Cold Deep Heart" and as I understand it, she's working on some new material with her new band,..We have talked about her actually performing on my upcoming CD,..Songs TBA,..(can't devulge all of my secrets) Her music is so unique and passionate,.. They both rock! lol Kristine's work is also quite inspiring,..she never ceases to amaze me,..One audience member, who is also a visual artist, commented, "that girl's got balls!" in reference to her creating artwork on the spot in front of a live audience,.. That's why we love her! Anyhoo, We had a great turnout at the show last night! double thanks to everyone who came out in support of it! We will definately be doing another Sound and Vision show soon!
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PERFORMANCE CONFIRMATION! RAINN BENEFIT/TORI AMOS TRIBUTE CONCERT Hey folks,.well,..some of you know that I'm a fan of Tori Amos,.. Well now I get to do my best tori amos impression! April 13th, 2003, in Chapel Hill, NC, I will be part of a special tori Amos tribute which will benefit the organization she founded called RAINN. I will be performing my own little renditions of 4 songs,.. Hey Jupiter Playboy Mommy Putting the damage on God More to info about the event itself as the date grows closer! tee-hee! Blessed be d
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MORE STUDIO NEWS!!!!! Guess what kids? I too, between rehearsals and gigs, booking the tour, and the like, have also been working on my new album. Does that mean it will be ready and in stores soon? not a chance, I'm shooting for this time next year, actually, which means it'll be ready by Jan 2004. lol seems like a long time, but it'll breeze by! The new record already is a slight departure from "Beauty Lied". New textures, new sounds, new instrumentation. This past Tuesday, Rich and I went in to record the drum tracks the new record's "hidden track" lol yup you read it right. To give a little background, we all know how we felt on 9/11. pretty crappy,..I think I can speak for everyone on that note, Once access was allowed below 14th street here in NYC, I went into the studio feeling the need to just create something. ANYTHING. So I began with an experiment,..this new song,..which for now is called "No Words" is just vocals and bowed guitar,..well,..ok and now drums, thanks to Rich. The song has been sitting on my hard drive for a while mainly because I wasn't sure where I wanted to go with it,..and it conjured too many visions,'s kinda spooky really,..but still retains an honesty and a touch of hope,.. Going in to the studio, to be honest, neither Rich or I really had a concrete idea re: what he should play,.. the direction,..pretty much was, "whatever you feel works". and it was the right approach. There are no words for the song,..I've grappled with writing something,..but to be honest,..I still have no words,.. I have all sorts of opinions and rants,..but, really, my mind, there's nothing else to be said that hasn't already been said. ad nauseum So i think it'll stick as is. All it needs is a "swooshy thing" type of sound and it's ready to mix. (yeah that's a techie term there, swooshy, Some of you have already heard "In Pieces" in live performances. This song is ready to mix,..and "Hold On", the ballad I've been doing live off and on lately, has some finishing touches and it too will be ready for mixing. 3 down,..8 to go! Jay and Rich and I will be going in at some point to lay the tracks down for "Hush Hush" and "Happy Happy". (this record is all about songs that start with the letter "H". lol seems to be a pattern) also slated are "For what it's worth", "One More Day" and "Mercy to the Girl". I also have 2 brand spanking new songs up my sleeve that I'm hoping to finish sometime in the next millenium. lol and I think that's that for now. more news to come!
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10/19/02 Hello again folks! Well, as most of you know, the "MyShyTune Publishing/Productions" section of the site is still in the works,.. (only a few more weeks! I promise to those of you who flame me about it regularly) SO until then, I will be posting studio news in this update entry log! First things first! Over the next few weeks, I'll have the pleasure of working with singer/songwriter Halley Devestern at the oh so lovely Kampo Studios. We've been busy in rehearsals the past few weeks and I can't tell you guys how excited I am to start with the studio madness! For those of you who aren't familiar with Hally's music, PUL-eeeese! what are you waiting for? check out her website: This will be Halley's 3rd record. Her last 2, "Sugarfree" and "Live at the Towpath Inn" are available for sale online (check out the website) She is really a talent to behold! I got the opportunity to check out a live show a while back, and let me tell you! this young lady doesn't just "sing",.she can "saaaaaang"!!!! totally made me want to go home a practice! (I LOVE that!) Great voice (and you all KNOW I'm a sucker for big voices! and super picky too--ed. note) and really strong songs! So far we've had a great time in rehearsals; her band sounds great and they're all super nice and just fun to be around! Methinks the sessions will be a breeze! My two favorites of the upcoming album so far, are "Superhero Killer" and "5 Minute Love Song". But, I guess you'll just have to take my word for it until you pick up your own copies, huh? We'll be adding a link to Halley's website, as well as links the multitude of artists I've worked with in the past once the other side of the site is completed. (I promise, just a few more weeks!) Till then, I'll keep you posted on our progress. I think this will be a record a lot of you wil be able to appreciate! ok, and there's more! read on!
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10/18/02 Just confirmed airplay on another station this week. Special shout out goes to Aaron Childs, in Jackson, MI for spinning "It's What You Said"! Aaron Childs is the host/producer/engineer of The Sonic Chronicles, His show is broadcast on M4; 10 am - 2 pm eastern time Monday through Friday. Aaron plays only independent label and unsigned acts in the blues, rock, jazz, alternative, electronica, and roots rock/americana/etc. genres. For those of you with internet radio savvy,.. check out the show!!!! a side note from me: Internet radio hosts/providers work really hard to support indie artists worldwide,..usually supporting their endeavors out of their own pockets. Why not show some love, huh? Voice your opinion and give them your support! Save Internet Radio!
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10/09/02 So today is a good day,...the air is brisk, the sky is blue and we just got a new reveiw! I think she liked it! Special shout out to Jennifer Layton of for her lovely review! I'm also proud to announce that we are one of the spottlight artists this month on the front page of so log on to: and read for yourself!
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9/30/02 Special thanks goes out to DJ Anna Creech. She runs her own program called the Estrogen Nation, on WRFL 88.1FM in Lexington, KY. The Estrogen Nation is a smorgasbord of independent female musicians, which will now be on Monday afternoons on WRFL 88.1 FM in Lexington, KY. WRFL is a commercial-free radio station on the University of Kentucky campus in Lexington. Anna's been spinning a few cuts off "Beauty Lied". Just recently, "15", "It's What You Said", and "He Said She Said". For those of you in the KY area, Give Anna a shout and thank her for her great work/support of indie artists, make sure to support her program and HEY! ALL OF YOU!!! support your local Public/ College radio! They offer a breath of fresh air for those of us who are looking to hear new music of all different genres and stuff that falls under the commercial radio radar. What is my favorite public radio station you ask???? I have 2! WFUV, 90.7 Fordham University in NYC and WXPN, 88.1 University of Pennsylvania. Believe it or not, my favorite program on FUV is their Celtic weekend shows,..Where they play the Irish music and the like,.. I'm a sucker for that stuff,..I like the" Echoes" show too,..lots of coolie stuff,..real mellow,..perfect for typing long update letters,.. I grew up in DE, so every time I go to visit the folks, WXPN is my station of choice. I love WBGO too,..the local jazz station in NYC. I'm not a huge jazz fan, but it just feels right to listen to jazz when driving around the city,,..especially coming over the bridge at night,..there's something very romantic about it,.. strange right?...NAH,..maybe I've just watched too many Woody Allen movies,..
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I'm happy to announce that "Beauty Lied" is available (on sale) in the following online stores: http://www.mp3/com/Denise Barbarita For those of you in the NYC area, You can go to Norman's Audio/Video at St. Mark's Place to get your very own copy! More news to come!
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just confirmed airplay on the west coast! tee-hee KGPR in Great Falls, Montana Special thanks goes out to DJ, Jenn Bosley! She's been spinning "The Darkest Hour" and "Only for my Sake" And so far, that's the news I'm allowed to talk about! More to follow! blessed be d
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Hello! News is coming soon!